Living Faith Church Service -October 8th 2023

Living Faith Church Service 08 October 2023

Title: Covenant Day of Breakthrough
Topic: Understanding the Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Text: 1 Corinthians 12:1-7

Today, we aim to delve into the workings of the Holy Spirit. While power is singular, it manifests in various ways. This morning, our focus is on one of these diverse ministries: the Spirit of Faith. We draw inspiration from 2 Corinthians 4:13 and Jude 1:3.

In Luke 11:13, we learn that the Holy Spirit responds to our earnest requests. In this era, what we need most is the Spirit of Faith to navigate through challenging times.

As we approach the end times, many will drift away from their faith, lured by deceiving spirits. Therefore, the Spirit of Faith, synonymous with trust, becomes our anchor, keeping us steadfast despite the world’s turmoil. It’s through the Spirit of Faith that we can quench the devil’s fiery darts.

Waiting passively for the Spirit of Faith is not enough; we must actively seek it. As Paul instructs, we should earnestly desire the best gifts.

Remarkably, the Spirit of Faith can impart itself to multiple individuals simultaneously, as stated in Philippians 1:7.

However, every spiritual gift draws its sustenance from the Word of God. Without the Word, these gifts wither away. Thus, those who possess the Spirit of Faith are known to be avid students of the Word.

Let’s outline eight characteristics of the Spirit of Faith:
1. The Spirit of Faith empowers us to believe that all things written in scripture are achievable, enabling us to accomplish great feats. No statement in the scriptures is deemed impossible.
2. The Spirit of Faith enables us to articulate the unimaginable.
3. It emboldens us to take extraordinary actions. The absence of the Spirit of Faith has cost many dearly.
4. The Spirit of Faith grants us peace amidst storms. Fear is the root of all victimhood, but Faith brings us into a place of rest, where God fights on our behalf.
5. The Spirit of Faith dares to do the seemingly impossible.
6. It extinguishes all the devil’s fiery attacks.
7. The Spirit of Faith places us in command of life’s situations and circumstances.
8. It fosters a spontaneous response to the challenges we face.

May we all seek to cultivate the Spirit of Faith within us, as it empowers us to live a victorious and impactful life.

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