One cannot have a heart for God and not have time for him- pt 6

Time is one of the most valuable assets, as important as that is, it is one of the most wasteful assets.
Our time has to be redeemed because the days are evil, our time has to be redeemed because it will be stolen.

Our time as Africans is one of the most abused elements of the word, we squander time and for free.

Don’t hang around people that are not of your folk, they will rub you of your precious time, Matt.6:34- sufficient of the day is the evil thereof.

Give no place to the devil. Place value on your time, buy up your time, someone once asked me, how do you have time to read, and I asked him how do you have time to eat, what eating is to you is what reading is to me.

Beware of spiritual emptiness, beware of spiritual downtime, we wrestle against… It is a continuous thing not a once and for all thing.

You can give God his place and miss your place,
Every act is a product of thought, people hardly engage in what they do not think about.

Phillipians 4:8 gives us what to think about, think the word, it is the truth.
We need to engage with this thinking pattern, it will Free us from the manipulation of the enemy.

It’s time to buy up our time, we have the example of Daniel, he was a man with a heart for God and plenty of time for the things of God.

Daniel went to prayer and fasting for 21 days, he wanted to know something, he had plenty of time to search for it , Daniel had relevance during his days, he was on the throne for 65 years, he had adequate time for God.

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