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In our Focal Scripture, after proclaiming healing to the lame man at the Beautiful gate, Peter took the man by the right hand, and lifted him up. The man had a problem with his feet, and after Peter made a proclamation about healing in those feet, he pulled the man up by the hand. The man had bad feet but good hands, and Peter pulled him up by his good hands. Peter laid hold of what was working, and what was not working came alive.

Friend, I am aware that there may be areas that are not working, but it is time to take hold of what is working. Start working with what is working. Start using the great ideas that have come your way. Start making use of the facets of your life that are productive. Start embracing the functional dreams, capacities, abilities, etc. you have in you. Look beyond what is not working and start using what is working. Work with what is working.

It may have seemed that everything was wrong with the lame man, but in the end, only his feet had issues. Notice that change began and was activated when Peter took him by the hands. Good news began when what was working was activated. Don’t allow what is not working to stop you from using what is working. No matter the area of your life that has failed, pay some attention and use the areas that have not failed.

Notice also that when the portion that was working was put to use, the feet that hitherto were not working, came alive. The usage of what was working caused what was not working to start working. If you dare to use the areas of your life that are working, you would be amazed how the areas that are not working will start to work. If you put your successes to work, even your failures will be overtaken by the spirit of success.

Don’t cease to move because all you desire are yet to become reality. Start with what is working, and what is not working will follow suit.

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