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In the vast and dynamic world of media, one platform has consistently stood out in its unwavering commitment to promoting the undiluted message of the gospel in Nigeria: Henotace Media.

Renowned as the largest resource for gospel news in Nigeria, Henotace Media has been a beacon of truth, unity, and unswerving dedication to the body of Christ.

Today, we extend an invitation to all those who share our passion for the unadulterated gospel to join us in a meaningful financial partnership.

Henotace Media: A Pillar of Gospel Truth

For years, Henotace Media has maintained a steadfast focus on delivering gospel news with a dedication to the unity of the body of Christ. In an age where sensationalism and bias often dominate the media landscape, Henotace has remained resolute in publishing the truth, even in the face of diverse pressures.

Recognition and Achievements

Our tireless dedication has not gone unnoticed. Henotace Media has earned its place among the top 100 gospel news websites in the world and the top 80 gospel music startups in Nigeria, as recognized by StartupPill.

Additionally, Henotace Media has been honored to be referenced by Wikipedia on several occasions in Christian biographies. These accolades are a testament to our commitment to excellence in gospel journalism.


A Kingdom Responsibility

We believe that a partnership with Henotace Media is not merely a financial donation but a kingdom responsibility. It is an opportunity for individuals and organizations with a passion for preserving and propagating the truth to join hands with us. The mission is clear: to reach even more people around the globe with exclusive journalism that is devoid of sentiments, bias, and distortion.

The Need to Expand

While Henotace Media has been able to reach millions of people globally, there is still much more work to be done. Our vision includes bringing exclusive journalism to more hands, ensuring that the truth prevails in a world filled with misinformation and half-truths. Your financial partnership will play a vital role in achieving this goal.

How You Can Partner with Henotace Media

1. Financial Support:

Your financial contributions will enable us to expand our reach, invest in quality journalism, and maintain our commitment to gospel truth.

2. Spread the Word:

Share the mission and work of Henotace Media with your network, encouraging others to join this noble cause.

3. Collaborations:

If you represent an organization that shares our values, consider collaborating with us on projects that advance the cause of the gospel.


Consider being a Partner today with in spreading the gospel of unity across the nations of the earth . Henotace media has a Vision of restoring unity to the body of Christ through News, Music , biographies, powerful Articles and Gospel Messages from diverse  ministers of God across the globe.

We have a vision to reach 1 billion people globally through the truth of the gospel

Through your financial seed,  together we can see this Vision accomplished.

You are at liberty to choose whatever financial commitment you desire

* Just Once

* Occasionally


Please note that your financial seed is a covenant between you and God and a vehicle to move the gospel across the nations of the earth and he will reward you accordingly.

If you are still passionate about the gospel, demonstrate your love today!

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God Bless you Richly !!!