The Moment You Stop Praying For The Kingdom You stop Profiting From the Kingdom


Operation Change Of Story Day 5

The subject of prayer is a matter that must emanate from the heart, 2nd Chronicles 15:10-15, they entered into a covenant to seek God with their heart and he gave them rest round about.

Our heart engagement is vital, the prayer that works is the prayer from the heart. Our engagement is a non negotiable factor in the school of Prayer.
Paul is example for us, he was a servant of Christ, but a man with a lifestyle of consistent Prayers.

Eph1:16- he prayed consistently for the people of Ephesus, phil 1:4, 1 thess.1:2 he prayed for the Ephesians church, the Philippians church and the thessalonians church.


A No fasting Believer is a Powerless Believer- Bishop Oyedepo


Paul was a man addicted to praying for the church and what was he praying about, he was praying for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Now wonder he started last and became first, your starting point is not what matters, it’s your engagement point .

Paul engaged tirelessly until he became the first, we discovered that Paul was a prayer labourer, Paul the last ended us as Paul the first because he engaged tirelessly in Prayer.
A prayer labourer will naturally end up as a highflyer, I see the grace coming on us as prayer labourers in Jesus Name.
What must we to Pray
* Fresh Revelation from the Altar
The fundamental instrument of attraction we have is the word and it is the greatest asset that we have because we live in a dark world.

The answer to darkness is light and the light of God is located in God’s word , there is a greater pool of multitudes as the word increases.

Every where the word is, there will be gathering of the multitudes.
But for us to see increasing revelation, we require engagement on the altar of prayer, we engage the altar of prayer for the word to have free course.

No one serves God for nothing, when we become an addict of the kingdom, God’s favor cokes upon you, when God’s favor comes upon a man, his slavery ends.

When you forget about your matters, he begins to call up your matters, forget yourself and remember him, he will remember your matters.

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