Covenant Hour of Prayer October 9th 2023

pastor david jnr

Every revelation fulfills the choices of individuals. Man is never left without a choice;the choice knocks as an opportunity, everytime you see the outcome of an individuals .

This is crucial because nobody is devoid of opportunities. God will never demand from us what He has not empowered us to do.

In John 15:16, Jesus said, “I have ordained you to go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain.” Fruitfulness in the kingdom is a matter of choice; our obedience or disobedience reflects our decisions, which are always manifested in our actions.

Remember, God does not reward efforts alone, but the results obtained. We must remain conscious, ensuring that every engagement yields results. In the kingdom, productivity is essential. The value of our efforts is determined by the results they bring.

God rewards individuals, not groups. Each person shall receive their own reward according to their labor. Therefore, strive for results, for it is your responsibility, while the reward remains God’s responsibility.

Let us pray: “Father, grant us the grace to secure results. “

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