Wisdom for Financial Abundance – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

*Integrity is the rock upon which we build our business, success, our product and services


Integrity is the common denominator for every other principle. Put all the principles together. Give it shall be given unto you, seek ye first the kingdom of God and others, the final bus stop is integrity.

Integrity is the rock upon which we build our business, success, our product and services, our relationship with customers, our names inclusive. You will always go back to a company that has integrity.

There are companies you enter, they will ask you if you buy this product from us, has it spoilt? They will change it for you. I love a tribe in Nigeria. They are very industrious but integrity is the only missing thing. If they add that to their business they will take the world by storm, they are the most industrious people in the whole of Nigeria but they lack integrity, if those people add integrity to their industrious life, they will take the world by storm, nobody can match them in this country, the missing thing is integrity. He will tell you: truth to God yet he is lying to you.





Integrity will take you farther than any other quality. Integrity is more than our talk, it brings security, it prospers, make your choice. You’re a mechanic have integrity, don’t sell fake as original, just have integrity.

There is a pharmacy in Port Harcourt that is more expensive than every other pharmacy, people go there because they don’t sell any fake drugs. The products in this pharmacy are more expensive but everybody knows that they don’t sell fake drugs, so they go; that is integrity, don’t sell fake as original.

If it’s fake then sell it as fake, don’t pick Taiwan and say it is America, if it is made in Aba, put it there made in Nigeria, don’t say made in Hong Kong. No! Put made in Nigeria, we buy Nigerian products, some Nigerian products are far better, so put made in Nigeria. Put your name on your product for goodness sake. Don’t say Louis Vuitton, it’s piracy, it’s not Louis Vuitton, you produce something like Louis Vuitton put your name there, it’s lack of integrity. Is somebody getting what I am talking about?

Prosperity is not just giving and receiving, if you give from now till tomorrow and you lack integrity you will still be a poor man. Okay, tell me an architect who does not finish a work and gives tithe and offering so that someone will give him a job.

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