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Behold and Believe: Free TGCW24 Playlist

The Gospel Coalition’s 2024 Women’s Conference is happening June 20–22 in Indianapolis, and this year’s theme is Behold and Believe: Encountering Jesus as the Great I AM.

More than 5,000 women have already registered for the conference, which will examine the seven “I AM” statements of Jesus recorded in John’s Gospel:

the Bread of Life
the Light of the World
the Door
the Good Shepherd
the Resurrection and the Life
the Way, the Truth, and the Life
the True Vine

Speakers including Jen Wilkin, David Platt, and Ruth Chou Simons will unpack these “I AM” statements to help attendees better understand Jesus in his own words. Shane & Shane will lead the singing time in the main stage sessions.

To celebrate the TGCW24 theme and help prepare attendees to behold and believe Jesus in all his glory, I’ve put together a playlist of 100 songs. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music

The playlist begins with a “Behold” section about the power of God’s presence and beholding the beauty of Christ. Then there are 10 songs for each of Jesus’s “I AM” identity statements in John’s Gospel. The playlist concludes with a “Believe” section of Christ-centered songs of declaration and devotion.

Whether or not you’re attending TGCW24 in June, I hope the playlist is a blessing to you.

TGCW24 Playlist Songs


“Behold Him – Live,” The Worship Initiative, John Marc Kohl, Aaron Williams
“Behold,” Mission House, Jess Ray, Taylor Leonhardt
“Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery,” The Gray Havens
“Behold Our God,” Sovereign Grace Music
“Behold the Lamb,” The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane
“Before the Throne of God Above,” Sojourn
“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross,” Keith & Kristyn Getty
“O Lord, You’re Beautiful,” Chris Tomlin, Steffany Gretzinger
“Fairest Lord Jesus,” Sara Groves
“Psalm 34 (Taste and See),” Shane & Shane
“I Am,” S.O. feat. Shai Linne
“Great I Am,” The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane
“Big God,” Marizu, Buchi
“Holy, Holy, Holy,” Paul Zach, Leslie Jordan
“Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus,” Lauren Daigle

The Bread of Life (John 6:22–59)

“Come unto Jesus,” Keith & Kristyn Getty
“Manna (After All These Years),” Chris Renzema
“Jesus, Bread of Life,” The Porter’s Gate, Diana Gameros
“Breathe,” Shane & Shane
“Daily Bread,” Strahan
“Come to the Table,” Orphan No More Co
“Take, Eat,” Josh Garrels
“You Satisfy,” Upper Room Music, feat. Elyssa Smith
“Guide Me,” Jeremy Casella, Sandra McCracken
“I Am the Bread of Life,” John Michael Talbot

The Light of the World (John 8:12–30)

“Light of the World,” Lauren Daigle
“The Light Has Come,” The Journey Collective, Russ Mohr
“You’re the Dawn,” Strahan
“Light of Your Love,” Young Oceans
“Shine Your Light on Me,” Natalie Bergman
“Lux,” Antoine Bradford
“Shine Your Light on Me,” Andrew Peterson
“Jesus Is the Light,” Mahalia Jackson
“Shine Jesus Shine,” Graham Kendrick
“In the Light,” DC Talk

The Door (John 10:1–10)

“I Am,” Eddie James
“John 10:7–11,” Abigail Houston
“I Am the Door (John 10:9),” Seeds Kids Worship
“John 10:10,” Verses, Adam Anglin
“I Am the Door,” Gloria Thorne, Tapestry Chamber Singers
“Shepherd of My Soul,” Rivers & Robots
“Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us,” Leigh Nash
“Psalm 100,” The Corner Room
“Gentle Shepherd,” The Soil and the Seed Project, Spectator Bird
“Shepherd’s Voice,” Ricky Skaggs

The Good Shepherd (John 10:11–18)

“Shepherd,” John Tibbs, feat. Sandra McCracken
“The King of Love My Shepherd Is,” The Worship Initiative, Skye Peterson
“Shepherd,” Amanda Cook
“Lead On Good Shepherd,” Patrick Mayberry, Crowder
“Good Shepherd of My Soul,” Keith & Kristyn Getty
“Good Shepherd,” Chevelle Franklyn, Israel Houghton
“Shepherd, Walk Beside Me (Psalm 23),” Caroline Cobb
“All of My Days – Psalm 23,” Ellie Holcomb
“Shepherd,” CityAlight
“My Shepherd Will Supply My Need,” Claire Holley

The Resurrection and the Life (John 11:17–44)

“Rise Up (Lazarus),” CAIN
“Lazarus Heart,” Joshua Leventhal
“Lazarus,” Sanctus Real
“Lazarus,” Trip Lee, Thi’sl
“Graves into Gardens,” The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane
“Resurrection in You,” Skye Peterson
“Living Hope,” The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane
“Springtime,” Chris Renzema
“Christ Our Hope in Life and Death,” Keith & Kristyn Getty, Matt Papa
“Because He Lives,” The Worship Initiative, John Marc Kohl

The Way, Truth, and Life (John 14:1–14)

“Way, Truth, Life,” Johnny Henninger, Naomi Mae
“Abide,” The Worship Initiative, Davy Flowers
“I Am (Yahweh), Pt. 1,” Timothy Petrienko, Hannah Kaljuk
“Watchman,” Josh Garrels
“The Truth,” The Belonging Co
“Christ Is the Life of the World,” Sandra McCracken
“Narrow Road,” Eliza King
“I Am the Way (John 14:5–6, 27),” Slugs and Bugs, Mike Weaver
“All I Have Is Christ,” Anchor Hymns
“Be Thou My Vision,” Shane & Shane

The True Vine (John 15:1–11)

“Vineyard,” Strahan
“John 15:1-4,” Verses, Kristina Meyer
“John 15:5,” Verses, Steph Andrews
“True Vine,” Cortes
“Abide in Me,” Andrew Marcus
“On the Vine,” Kyle Church
“Abide in Me,” Hillside Recording, Diana Trout
“Abide with Me,” Keith & Kristyn Getty
“Christ Abides,” Eliza King
“John 15,” They That Wait


“Tis So Sweet,” Hillside Recording
“Give Me You,” Jon Guerra, Andrew Belle
“Christ Is Mine Forevermore,” Keith & Kristyn Getty, CityAlight, Sandra McCracken
“Gonna Be Good,” TAYA
“Day by Day,” CalledOut Music
“Rise Up,” FAITHFUL, Christy Nockels, Ellie Holcomb
“None Other,” John Van Deusen
“At the Cross (Moment),” David’s Harp, Grace Binion
“Jesus Paid It All (Worthy of the Price),” Forrest Frank
“Crown Him with Many Crowns,” Nathan Drake
“Solo En Jesús,” Keith & Kristyn Getty, Christine D’Clario
“Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me,” Hillside Recording, Tenielle Neda
“My Worth Is Not in What I Own,” The Gray Havens
“Worthy of It All – Live,” CeCe Winans
“The Verse: Doxology,” Gabby Barrett, feat. Phil Wickham


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