A No fasting Believer is a Powerless Believer- Bishop Oyedepo

*Operation Change of Story – Day 3

Operation change of story fasting day 3

Every believer needs power. Can you imagine staying at the filling station and they say you should wait, and you say am not waiting, how are you going to move without fuel.

Fasting is about my empowerment and your empowerment primarily, I went studying the book of acts of apostles, i wanted to know the power and manifestation behind the apostle, it was fire , by the 5th day I couldn’t sleep, I went to see some of my friends and they wanted to eat, I didn’t want to announce I was fasting, they told me to bless the food, as I blessed it, fire fell, they prayed up till 2am in the midnight.


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If you understand the power behind fasting, you won’t wait for a church proclaimed fast, you Will set up fasting times for yourself.

Fasting is ordained primarily for our empowerment to subdue our enemies under our feet, it empowers us to share the good news around you (Ish.58)

You are a good news bearer, we are empowered to share the good news of Jesus with all the downtrodden around, during this operation, we shall be with the drug addicts, the people who haven’t received the good News

Fasting also releases the breaking forth of light (1jn. 1:1-3). It is an outbreak of light that puts the word of command in your hand, to have things the way you want it.

Watch out for it, watch out for a new zeal for the lost.

Fasting impacts on your physical system , it renews your body.

We access guidance from the lord when we subject yourself to fasting, many have missed their steps because they were not guided. Some has sold their properties to travel abroad, when he gets there, he does washing of plates in the day, maiguard in the night.

Life is far more dignifying than all these, don’t be found where God is not, you will just be choking for nothing.

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