There Is No Technology That Will Replace Prayer & Fasting;  Stop Wasting Your Time Looking For Software- Bishop Oyedepo

no substitue to prayer and fasting

Every praying Church is a growing Church and every growing Church must remain a praying Church to keep the Church growing. No software is applicable here because Church Growth is warfare against the powers of darkness, so prayer and fasting become a necessary complement in driving supernatural Church Growth.

Some of those demonic installations will not give way except by the combined forces of faith, prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21). That’s why some powerful faith Churches don’t grow, it has to be coupled with prayer and fasting for faith to have its way in this warfare.


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We live in a software age, people are just software-driven, there is no software to this. Proverbs 22:28. Prayer and fasting is the platform for driving supernatural Church Growth – the kind God has ordained for us in this season. Prayer and fasting to clear all demonic barriers on the path of the explosive growth that Christ has ordained for us at this time.

So we will be looking at prayer and fasting as the life wire of every growing growth as exhortation line this time. Prayer is the sharpest sickle of harvest as far as Church Growth is concerned. Acts 1:4, 2:1-4. Acts 3:1.They prayed in one accord and the Holy Ghost the Lord of the Harvest came and that brought 3000 souls into the fold.

Prayer is what births the move and what keeps the move going. In Acts 4, they were threatened and there was an instant prayer response. That wave of prayer brought 5000 souls in Acts 4:4. Acts 4:23-31. In Acts 5, you see the prayer as the driving force of the Early Church, remove not the ancient landmark which your fathers have set.

There is no technology about this, stop wasting your time looking for software. There is no software here. The ark of God, the move of God rests on human shoulders, not in new carts. 1 Chronicles 13:7-9. They tried to carry the Ark in a cart and it caused trouble, the Ark stumbled and Uzza tried to help it and the Lord killed him. In Chapter 15 they came back to carry the Ark on their shoulders. All the technology for growing Church won’t work without the force of prayer and fasting. Stop looking for system, “now we are doing chain prayer”. You are doing chain prayer but the people have slept, the man too has slept and is snoring and you say now 3 million people are praying, who told you. Thanking God and scrolling through your phone for 15 minutes is that prayer?


You better fasten your seat belt. If you want to see God the way you have never seen Him then you better commit, connect, dedicate, and be sold out otherwise you will just be normal. Every supernatural Church Growth in Bible History is driven by effectual, fervent prayer and then dramatic turnaround testimonies in return for those who engage. Open testimonies, proofs that can’t be faulted. Get ready, you are in a very powerful season of opportunity. Grab it, walk with it and see how God will decorate your life.

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