Understanding Your Root In The Supernatural -Chapter 1 (Book Review)

Chapter 1

Understanding Your Root In The Supernatural




The supernatural validate adds color and beauty Christianity, to our glorious, destiny in Christ but without understanding of your root, who you are and where you from, you may never have a worth on earth

The first principle of walking in supernatural is understanding your we supernatural root.

It is so important to know we are out of this world, we belong to a supernatural kingdom where sign and wonder is our natural heritage.

As God is a spirit, we are also endowed with the supernatural ability  and capability of God we are to demonstrate his dominion on the earth.

Our spirit status makes us] share divinity with God , Adam was in   the class of God before the fall, he share divinity with God he was having fellowship with him.

New birth is not an adjustment of lifestyle, it is a miracle of re-creation new birth regeneration, a restoration of human dignity under God.

You Are The Mind Of Christ

BY the art of regeneration, we have the mind of Christ (1st. cor. 2 1 6).

This means we have the creative wisdom of God at work in us , your life can no longer be void , the word of God is working actively in your life can never be empty again by the reason of the creative  wisdom of God deposited into you at salvation.

You always know what to do to provoke a miracle , you will always know what to do to provoke a miracle , you will always know what steps to take to move God to act on your behalf.

You Carry Divine Presence

Your root in the supernatural generates God presence always.

Jesus promised us as we go on his duty his divine presence is backing us up, he said in Matt. 28-18-20, I am with you always, even into the end of the world. Amen.

Our relationship with God has been established by root of our new birth.

Divine presence is a very important in the school of the miraculous, without divine presence, we cannot experience the supernatural.

God expressing himself through you is what people call miracle the children of Israel enjoyed divine presence throughout their journey in the wilderness, no wonder no obstacle could stand before them.

New birth make you a spirit being as a spirit being, you have nothing to do with sickness anymore, nothing to do with frustration & failure , nothing to do with molestation and harassment.