Posted on 06/28/22 9:48 AM


Operating In The Supernatural – Introduction (Book Review)


The two root of Christianity is the supernatural, from the virgin birth of Jesus to the strong wisdom to display in the life of Jesus to us when he was teaching doctors in the synagogue. Everything about Christianity display the supernatural.

Our foundation is built on the apostle’s exploits and Jesus himself is the chief cover stone, this means whatever we see in the life of the apostles and Christian God’s design for us. If we disregard the place of the supernatural in our lives and walk here on earth, we will become spiritually impotent, not on that, we become spiritually vulnerable to every wicked man of the devil because the supernatural the security of our destiny in Christ.

The supernatural is the thing that differentiate the Christian faith from all other religion, some religious leaders might have some power, but the almighty God has all powers.

As long as you are a behave, you are expected to operate in the supernatural.

You are Spirit Being

We are re-created at redemption as spirit beings, the bible says that which is born of spirit is spirit.

We are spirit, living in a body having a soul.

The first principle to walking in the supernatural is understing your supernatural. It is so important to know we are not of this world, we belong to a supernatural kingdom where sign and wonders is our natural heritage .bb