Operating In The Supernatural-Chapter 2 (Book Review)

Chapter 2

Working in the Supernatural


By victor of our re-creation, we are spirit beings and born into the supernatural, the supernatural is our identity and our birth night. The supernatural authenticates Christianity.

Once we know our identity, our need to know what to do to walk in the supernatural.

The ultimate question then is, how can I operate in the supernatural? What does it take to function in the capacity of supernatural.

The scripture explain in 1cor. 12-18-10, one vital gift of the holy spirit is the gift of working of miracles, this means we don’t wait the supernatural, we don’t beg for the supernatural, we work the supernatural. We don’t beg for the supernatural, we work the supernatural.

So what Does it take


To work the supernatural, you must believe that you are created for it. Faith is a sure foundation for supernatural manifestations.

The bible says these sign shall follow them that behave..

Sign (supernatural) follows people of faith. You cannot be in command of signs and wonders except you believe, God was working the supernatural through their hand. You must poses a far above mentality.

If you will a distributor of sign s and wonders, you must know what it means to become a living wonder yourself.

Many believers fall very cheap to the devil lies, that why they look so miserable.

By redemption we are placed for above the devils and dominion, (ph.1 21-22) we dwell in a place where wicked spirits cannot operate.

Every sickness is an oppression of the devil this was why Jesus went about healing all that were oppressed of the devil.

We have agreed with so much scientific facts , that is why the devil is tormenting many believers.

The bible says in 1st tim. 6:20

O Timothy , keep that which is commited to, avoiding thy trust propose and vain babblings and opposition of science falsely so called.

The truth is Jesus took our infirmities and bore our sickness, if science says there is an infirmity in your body, that is falsehood because Jesus took it away.

You need a far above  mentality to worn the supernatural, Gods servant Bishop Oyedepo narrated a true life story of a far above mentality in defeating the devil & his schemes, according to him before he get married, satan came to him and said  “ now that you are going about searching other people free from barrens, come and show me how you will have children “, immediately I rebuked it and said satan you will be surprised that I will not pray about it.

You need to be far smarter than the enemy , so he won’t take you for a ride.