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You know why many cannot prosper? Giving is not the first requirement for prosperity, it is firstly faith. Because you can’t give without faith, if you give without faith I can tell you, it will not take long you will backslide.

Because there are times the giving will not produce immediately, it took me time before I began to prosper but my faith made me not to panic, I was still giving. If you just give without faith, you will get tired because you will not see the result and your faith will be shaking.


But when you have faith, you know that God cannot lie. So, it is your faith that will make you have the assurance that your giving must produce results. But if you don’t have faith, after a while you will start complaining that this thing is not working. You know why you said so? Because you don’t have faith at the foundation of your prosperity. Check all prosperity preachers who are very loaded Copeland, Kenneth Hagin of blessed memories, Oyedepo and myself, faith is our foundation.

You can get money today and I can tell you that if you don’t have faith it will vanish after a while. That will not be your portion. Say with me: there is no impossible case with faith. Luke 8:50. Every time Jesus spoke and the people believed there was a miracle, check your Bible, there is no where Jesus said something and the corresponding to it believed that Jesus will not act. So, if you’ve not seen answers check your faith level.

Everywhere Jesus spoke and the people received the Word they were empowered to become what they received, the moment the man believed the Word he received. Was she made whole? Yes. Right now, I don’t care what is dead in your life, you will be made whole in the name of Jesus. So, faith has the capacity to change any situation. John 11:39-40. Jesus said take away the stone, that means take away unbelief.


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