I want to deeply appreciate God. It is a privilege. Connectivity is real. I’m a product of succeeding without experimentation. I knew our father in 1995. I was not directed to him by any mortal man. When I became born again and God said he wanted to use me. I said,”who do I meet? I don’t know how to preach” and I heard his name clearly. I have never heard his name before because I was in Egypt. I began to search to know who this man is. A woman walked up to me and said there is a man of integrity I want you to meet. She told me his name. I told her God spoke to me this same morning and I heard the same name. That is how I came to the Bible School. My wife and I were the first set trained in Iyanaipaja, Lagos.

I became a full time member and I had my own tithe card. God told me that I will have my own commission if not I don’t think i would have ever left Winners. That is how my heart connected. God said you will have your own but remain connected to him. We got married here and we left. Everything that is working in his hands with all humility works in my hands. One striking thing that changed my life was an encounter with a mad man, a medical doctor. He was violent everywhere in Victoria Island, Lagos where we were living. He walked up to me and said in his mad state, “I know you, you are David Oyedepo. I have read your book, “keys to Divine Health”. I told my wife if a mad man can see a mantle on me then I am carrying something. That was the turning point. My father, my mother, till Jesus comes, nothing can take me out of this family. Thanks to Bishop Abioye. He taught me how to follow. My testimony can never be complete because I saw how he followed him. The way you follow is how I will follow too. Thank you very much. God bless you.