People become poor by what they choose to do. Listen, if I go to school, whether I choose to pass or fail is it the lecturers problem? If I don’t read what will happen? So, I now say that is the school that made me fail. No! I choose to fail by bit reading and I choose to pass by reading, so it is also with prosperity, I choose to do the things that will make me prosper then I prosper, when I do the things that will make me fail and then I will fail.

There are laws that make you fail, in school you don’t read, you go to parties, you just follow useless friends you will fail, is that the problem of the school? No! It’s simply your own problem, so also is prosperity.


Acts 10:34-35. God is not a respecter of anybody, so if I do what it takes to be prosperous, I will be prosperous regardless of the Nation I come from. It’s in your Bible, how many believe that God cannot lie? In every Nation, including the nation where you are hearing this message from, your Nation is not disadvantaged, it’s just you that is not doing what it takes to prosper.

. Romans 10:12. I am laying a foundation so that you don’t start blaming the devil for somethings that you should blame yourself for. There is no difference between Nigeria and America, is that in your Bible, people read the Bible but they don’t believe the Bible, there is no difference between the British man and the Ghanaian. Is that in your Bible or is it in another person’s Bible? God is simply saying, no disadvantaged Nation.

Any nation you’re in the world you are in the best place, God is not an author of confusion, he doesn’t make mistake, if he places you in Benin Republic that is the best place, Benin Republic has all it takes for you to prosper, if God places you in Mexico, then that is the best place for you. There is no Nation that has disadvantages, people are just ignorant.

Isaiah 5: 1-5,13. God said I made you a choice vine, I made you a wonderful person, I expect you to produce stuff, but you’re producing things that are contrary to my expectation. God is expecting you to prosper, yet nothing is working, I am expecting you to produce and things are not working. Isaiah 5:13. The reason why things are not working is ignorance and ignorance is simply what you have ignored to know.





Ignorance in law is not an excuse, oh I don’t know is not an excuse, you don’t know what? When books are available for you to read, when tapes are there for you to listen to and you’re still complaining that I don’t know. God is saying NO! I have made knowledge available for you to come out of your hardship. Why are you complaining? Is there anything I should have done that I have not done? People are just being lazy with the truth. Listen to me, you can never come out of that challenge except if you accept the truth. One thing with truth is that it’s very hard and it is bitter, but the truth is still true. Whether you like it or not.

If you like fast for 30 days, if you don’t love your wife there will be no peace, your fasting can’t change it. If you like fast for 200 days, if you don’t submit to your husband there will be no peace. Whether you like it or not you will never enjoy peace, that is the truth. If you like fast for 1000 years, if you don’t pay Tithe, life will be tight. That is the truth, one thing with the truth is that it will hit you hard, take it or leave it, it is the truth.

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