Operating In The Supernatural-Chapter 3 (Book Review)

Chapter 3

The Strong Rods For The Supernatural


Now you understand that it take work to command supernatural, the question is there is what rod are to use to command supernatural.

The word of God is compound to water, it must be stand to pull out its full content, the strong of the word is our responsibility

At new birth, a well of water springing up to eternal life came alive in you, but you set up that goal in you to enjoy the full benefit of redemption.

The word of God is Gods rod and in site you is the pool of life, but the pool cannot produce without being stirred up , you need to stir up that pool by the rod (the word of God).

When did sign through the hands of more he said “ you shall take this rod in your hand , where with thou shall do signs’’ Ex, 4 17.

That rod in the old  testament typify the word which is Jesus.

Christ is the prophetic rod in the hands of Moses, it is the working of  the word that produce signs and wonder in our lives .

When you act on the word in faith, you have committed Gods, intensity to produce signs and wonder through your hands.

Miracles are not accident, they are the deliverable acts of God provoked by the desperate faith of main the living word of God.

The bible tables in mark 16:20 concerning the apostles that God was  working signs and wonders in the lives of the apostle by confirmed the word.

The word confirmed is equal to a miracle. The word of God is the rod for doing the supernatural.

Faith In The Word

It is true you are a member of Gods supernatural family and that you live in heavenly places, but to maximize your life in the kingdom.

Faith is a principle requirement, faith is a requirement for working the supernatural.

Faith is your license for living profitable life, even though God has designed everything about your life and my life to be supernatural, it takes faith to work in this realms it to power,

Evil report is converted to good report at the instance of faith.

Be Grateful


Working the work is what make a believer a living wonder, to operate in the supernatural therefore, it pays to do all the word says. 1st thessi 5 ,1,8 .

In everything, give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus covering you. Don’t complain, don’t murming , don’t explain just give God thanks.

When you give God thanks in teach and dead, you are doing the will of God cover the situation, thereby moving God to confirm his word by a sign.

Thanksgiving is the convert for the miraculous, while ingratitude your God off, thanksgiving turn God and give thanks always!

It may not make sense , but do what the word says, when Jesus gave thank, the heavens opened, the bread multphed , the fish multphed, they had over and above what they need. When thanking become your life style miracle become your natural habitation.