No one will ever outgrow divine direction; Bishop Oyedepo Charges Pastors at Church Growth Conference

Living faith Church hosts church growth conference

There is no maturity level of a sheep that can make it go to another destination without missing its way. He is our eternal guide, watch out for what God is saying, “this is it, this is it.” If I never got that we are to plant 5,000 Churches, it won’t be there. I got it: …we have never done it
If I never got, “we are planting 10,000 Churches in a year”: we will never get involved. We will be busy calculating and doing analysis and all that stuff. When He leads the way, the going is great.
So watch out for it. I believe one major thing we need to just do is to trust the Lord of the Harvest.

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My prayer is that we will not just get up, shake off our dress and walk back and continue at the same frequency.
That will not be. You will not be doing justice to yourself by doing that. Please note that Church has capacity to multiply by 10, multiply by 100, multiply by 200: unlimited capacity is the Church of Christ.
Whose Church is it? He purchased it with His own blood. He is the Chief Shepherd, He is the great Shepherd over that flock, we are only His extension, His hands and feet that He uses.
-In the name of Jesus, no one here will be at the same spot again.

I think a time has come where you only need to just move around and do some understudy of certain works that appeal to you; try to see what you can capture there that adds value to what you are doing. Everybody is absolutely responsible for the outcome of his life, not the devil. Everybody!
-May the thousands of souls attached to you never be lost to carelessness.
-May the multitudes ordained for you in ministry never be lost.


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