Living Faith Church Hosts Special Church Growth Conference “Feast Of Fat Things”

Living faith Church hosts church growth conference

In 1984, when the Church was not growing, I had humorously said to myself ‘if this Church keeps growing like this, when I’m 100 years old, we will just be 1000 in number’
I then took along some brethren and we went on a 3-day fast to inquire of the Lord why the Church wasn’t growing. While we were praying, God directed me to face the Church, then He opened my eyes and I saw a layer of thick darkness over the Church, I asked ‘God, what is this?’ He said ‘that is the blindfolding weapon the devil is using to misinterpret what I am doing in this Church’, I then came against it by the Word of the Lord declaring that ‘there is a light that shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not, I challenge you, darkness, get out from here!’. I saw it roll away like a carpet.

After that encounter, God said to me ’keep sowing the seed and as the grass grows the sheep will come for it and as you keep the grass green, the sheep will lie down there.’ After putting those instructions to work, we experienced an influx of souls into the Church.

A year later, God said to me ‘I will through your ministry raise the foundation of many other ministries’
You are specially invited to partake of this ‘Feast of Fat Things’ that will terminate all forms of struggles and tears to see God’s work flourish in your various Church ministries until Christ returns.

Date: 22nd – 24th March 2022
Time: 6 am and 7 pm daily.

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