How Ignorant Believers Assists The Devil In BlackMailing Nigerian Churches

The Nigerian Church has been a Victim of social media attack in past few years and majority of the attackers are Believers, ignorant believers who plainly subscribe to the schemes of the Devil, below is a compilation of News in the Nigerian church, many of you will need to ask God for mercy because you were talking about what you know nothing of.

Compiled by Leke Berecroft

The ones considered bad for news are barely heard while the ones considered good for news almost always go viral.
1. For many years, Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC) has been feeding the poor for free especially during her Retreats – Bad for news.
2. Deeper Life builds a #3 Billion Naira Church facility to cater for her teeming multitudes-(The Church comes under attack for not giving the money to the poor by people who probably have never cared for others) Good for news!
3. Redeemed Christian Church of God develops a forest into a sprawling city (Redemption Camp) at no cost to the government helping to decongest Lagos-(No one is interested) – Bad for news
4. Christ Embassy inspires and sponsors hundreds of youths talented in the music ministry-Bad for news.
5. Churches establish universities ensuring that many otherwise jobless academics are gainfully employed – Bad for news.
6. Covenant, JABU, BIU and Landmark Universities are among the 10 cheapest private universities – Bad for news.
7. David Oyedepo Foundation now gives about N500 million annually in her 24 year old scholarship scheme to indigent students-Bad for the news.
8. Covenant University in less than 20 years ranks amongst the top universities in Africa ahead of many much older Nigerian Universities-Bad for news.
9. Pastor Adeboye and wife build rehabilitation centre in Epe for youths overtaken by drug addiction – Bad for news.
10. Adeboye and Oyedepo clock 50 and 35 years in marriage respectively-Bad for the news.
11. Pastor Chris gets divorced – news goes viral.
12. Sinach, Eben, Frank Edwards, Buchi, Samsung, Joe Praize all inspired by Pastor Chris-Bad for the news.
13. Daystar equips 20,000 kids as they return to school-Bad for the news.
14. Bishop Oyedepo subsidises transport fare in hometown to #20-#50 per trip-Bad for the news.
15. RCCG builds 80km road connecting Ikorodu with Redemption Camp/Lagos-Ibadan Expressway-Bad for the news.
16. Oyedepo builds #100 million Townhall in Omu Aran-Bad for the news.
17. Ayo Oritsejafor gives cars, money, Keke, sewing machines, grinding machines to the poor-Bad for the news.
18. Oritsejafor receives jet gift-(He must sell and give the poor)-News goes viral.
19. Winner’s Chapel in FACT does NOT own 4 jets-(This is not good for them)-Bad for the news.
20. Pastor Adeboye flies to Zambia, Botswana, CAR, Rwanda in private jet-(He should have flown Nigeria Airways (sic)-News goes viral.
21. Winners Chapel ‘s gift consignment largest ever received by Rwandan Government – Bad for news.
22. Winners Chapel Accesses Koma Hills with provisions – plants school, church- Bad for news.
23. Olukoya, MFM provides cars and cash for 1st class graduates in Unilag yearly – Bad for the news.
24. Prisoners testify of how Church missionaries led them to Christ, became better citizens-Bad for news.
25. Winners Chapel gives provisions, food, cash to Osun workers after being owed 8 months salary by State Government – Bad for news.
26. Christ Embassy feeds thousands of children daily in her Inner City Mission Scheme (who cares)-Bad for news.
27. Red Cross commends Oyedepo for largest consignment of welfare aid asides government since Nigerian Civil war (who cares)-Bad for news.
28. Landmark University operates largest scholarship scheme among Nigerian private universities–Bad for news.
29. Bishop Oyedepo sits in Church owned jet (Perhaps he should be standing)-News goes viral.
30. MFM invests heavily in football-(who cares)-Bad for news.
31. Living Faith Church under investigation in UK – News goes viral.
32. Living Faith Church commended for financial integrity by UK authorities after probe, named as a good example for other NGOs-Bad for news.
33. Nigerian Churches attract largest number of tourists to Nigeria – Bad for news.
34. Nigerian Churches infrastructural development among highest in Nigeria-(who cares ) -Bad for the news.
35. Nigerian Churches now the foremost player in education at all levels in Nigeria-Bad for news.
36. Covenant University generates her own electricity – Bad for news.
37. Faith Oyedepo ‘paralysed’-News goes viral.
38. Faith Oyedepo totally healed -Bad for news.
39. Christ Embassy provides succour for tens if thousands in Haiti – Bad for news.
40. Sierra Leonean President thanks Winners Chapel for relief package to citizens – (who cares) – bad for news.
41. Oyedepo jets out to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana (he should have driven a car or ridden a donkey like Jesus)-News goes viral.
42. Deeper Life spends #1.2 Billion on overhead bridge to stem traffic (who cares)-Bad for news.
43. Oyedepo cancels tuition for Agricultural sciences in Landmark University ( Bad for news)

44. Pst Chris runs free Primary School for Indigent students and gives Scholarship to best 10 graduating students till university level (Bad for news).

My counsel for believers is spread the good !!! Let it go viral. Keep quiet about what you don’t Understand.

God Bless u.

Henotace Team

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