Apostle Johnson Suleman; Social Media should not determine who you should follow, Get on your Knees and ask God

The President of Omega Fire Ministries, (OFM) has taken a swipe at people using Social media to speak against ministers of the Gospel.

Social media is a scam, it shows you what people  want you to see. Don’t just follow people on social media, get on your knees and ask God who to follow.

Apostle Johnson Suleman who has been at the centre of major controversies on Social Media said speaking against a minister of God is the cheapest thing to do these days. According to the Prophet of God, there are three (3) categories of people who  attack pastors.

(1) Those who are just starting ministry   discrediting those who are already there

(2). Those who want social media presence, who wants lots of followers.

(3)Those who don’t know why they are attacking, they join the bandwagon.

He reminded his Church members of an advice he gave Pastors some years ago to have Investments aside preaching because touching God’s money is an abomination.

Many don’t understand how the church operates, Pastors are placed under salaries, they don’t take the Church offerings to their houses.

Source : Omega Fire Ministries

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