Empowering The Poor To Get Poorer


By David Oshin

I know the first thing that registers on your mind is ; there is a mistake in the title, but No! Its the real title ! Many people do this ignorantly, and thank God for Social media Handles which is a platform for just anybody to air his or her opinion, there is a lot of ignorance on rampage and so painful is the fact that many believers have been skillfully deceived by social media into believing the wrong thing. I am writing this to correct this cancerous wrong impression eating up believers so fast.

Many believers today are empowering the poor people to get poorer with our mindset and actions, so I know you would ask what I mean.

I saw a post on Facebook of two different pictures ( a group of poor tattered people and the second a group of Well Fed Pastors) and the question asked was  ” Who would you give your money to ?, let your conscience speak” . The point is if you don’t have a matured mind, the pictures will play on your emotions, and this is becoming trending day by day on social media.

Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, who is the no. 1 finance Author expert in the world once said : “the way to empower the poor to become poorer is giving money to the poor”, How True ?

What the poor needs much more than money is financial education, so is giving money to the poor bad ? No! It is just to meet their immediate needs but until you empower them with knowledge, they become liabilities for life. See, the world is not fair, even God said he gives more to those who already have and takes away from those who have little but won’t use it. In as much as it seems fair to withdraw from giving your resources to your pastor for instance because he has a private Jet, know that God doesn’t see things as man sees. Have you observed those on your streets or at the major juncture on your area who begs, check them in the next 10 yrs., they are still at the same spot begging, no matter how much you give them it makes no difference, begging has become a culture, so they don’t see a future outside begging. Myles Munroe once said he met a man begging at bus stop and he told the man, I won’t give you free money, get into my car , go and do a job in my office and I will pay you. Suprisingly he refused! Why ? because he enjoys begging. We have a society today that has empowered people to become indolent, begging has become a business for some people. The beggars on the street are so sure someone will drive past and give them something so why will they work.

I met a young guy at night who came to me while i was about to get on a bike, he narrated his story of how he doesn’t have money and he and his sister are stranded, so I ignored, but out of compassionate ignorance , I told the bike man to go back, I want to give the guy money, then the man told me not to bother, I asked why curiously, he said the guy comes there every other day, and say same thing. He knows there are many compassionate Ignorant people like I was, and that is his source of living.

Brethren, let’s give to the poor as we have the capacity but do not stop there ensure they have financial education, if not you have a liability in your hands, for if a man is taught the principles of financial success, he can make many more people successful with his story.

Have a Blessed Day

Henotace Team

David Oshin is a Content Creator || Full stack Web Developer||Podcast Host || Digital Marketing Strategist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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