Declaring 3 Sundays of Showers of Blessings -September 11th, 18th & 25th 2022

Declaring 3 Sundays of Showers of Blessings -September 11th, 18th & 25th 2022

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God has commanded me to proclaim showers of blessings upon all worshippers here at Faith Tabernacle for the next 3 Sundays of September, beginning from Sunday September 11, 2022

Whenever God commands His prophets to bless, such blessings are irreversible in nature -Num. 23:20

God once told me, “Behold I have touched your tongue with a coal of fire and from henceforth as you say it, you will see it”

I believe God has ordained the end of the dry seasons in your life as you come under these prophetic showers of blessings.

As we all know, blessings are the cure for curses. All generational and satanic curses shall be flushed under these showers of blessings

I believe this shall be an opportunity of a lifetime for many, as God steps out and begins to rewrite the story of every worshipper in these services

The following testimonies attest to what God is set to do for everyone in this prophetic season

  • SS’ Turned ‘AA’!

“My son was diagnosed with Sickle Cell (SS). In one of the Sunday Services, Bishop Oyedepo prophetically declared, That sickle cell disease is gone!’ He mentioned it twice and I claimed it. He further said, ‘If you believe, go back to the doctor and confirm it. On Monday, I took my son to the laboratory for a test. To the glory of God, ‘SS’ had become ‘AA’!” – A Momoh

3 Years Marital Separation Restored

My husband left me 3 years ago. Last Sunday, while the prophetic Blessings were coming forth, God’s servant declared “that your runaway husband, wherever he is, shall return back to you this week”. I shouted amen because that was my word for the day. Immediately I got home after the service same day, my husband returned home. – Deddeh, K

  • Generational Curse Broken via Encounter!

“In my family, no one ever had a Diploma or University degree, no one ever owned a car or built a house and no marriage ever last long. However, I came under prophetic showers of blessing by Bishop Oyedepo and God delivered me from that generational curse. Now I am a graduate. Married, I have my law firm, I own six cars and two houses. To God be the glory!”. Glen M.

10 Years Stagnation Destroyed!
“My destiny was stagnated for 10 years. However, I keyed into the prophetic declarations of Bishop Oyedepo, when he declared ‘Unending, continuous and unstoppable progress is my portion!’ and ‘My status, position and class will change supernaturally, among others. To the glory of God, I received three promotion letters!”-Dcn. Oreolorun

  • Rescued By Prophetic Declaration

My elder sister was kidnapped, and they demanded for a ransom of N15million, or they’ll kill her. I ran down to meet Bishop Oyedepo, he said NO! Calm down, in 7 hours she shall be released unhurt and according to the word of my Prophet, exactly few minutes to the 7th hour declared, she was released unhurt. -T. Noren.

  • Divine Restoration & Expansion!

“Two years ago, my business and my life came under severe attack, and I lost everything, nothing was working! That was how God brought me to this Church. In one of the services, the Bishop declared, ‘If you make this your Church and within one year if God didn’t turn your life around, you should go.’ It hit me! To the glory of God, exactly one year, my business was restored, and I moved from using ordinary machines to industrial automated machines.!” -F. Aigbogun.


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