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It is instructive to observe that Adonijah had Joab and other mighty men of David on his side as he positioned himself to take the throne. He had men that should make his mission easy to accomplish. He had men whose relevance was to work in his favour. He had men who could even fight on his behalf, but in the end, the word of the Lord was in favour of Solomon, and the schemes of Adonijah collapsed despite having men.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: your opposers may have mighty men on their side; they may have the systems and structures of this world on their side; they may have men that matter on their side; they may have men that can fight for them on their side; they may even have the men you need on their side; but if God be for you, despite the men they have, your rising is settled. You will not lose your place because they have men.

Abiathar the priest was already on the side of Adonijah. The man who should have anointed Solomon had taken sides with Solomon’s rival, and David had to mandate Zadok (a junior priest) to anoint Solomon. Because of the opposition, a junior priest did what a high priest should have done. Today, I pray for you: God will use ordinary people to bring forth extraordinary results in your life. Your opposition can’t hinder God one bit.

God will use simple things to manifest His grace upon your life. God will use the unusual to make the phenomenal happen in your life. God will bypass those who do not want to support you and use ordinary men to make great things happen in your life. God will bypass systems and protocols of men to take you to the throne. God will cause the mighty support of your opposers, to become inconsequential by reason of what He will do.

Stop paying attention to the support and supporters you do not have, and focus on the word of the Lord that it is in your favour. If God be for you, nothing will scuttle His will and plan for your life.

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