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When the angel of the Lord turned up for Peter in prison, a light shined in the prison. It was night time, and Peter was even asleep in between the two soldiers he was chained to. The angel came with help, and that help seemed to begin with light shining in the prison. It was still night, but Peter was in light in the prison. Before he was led out, his night season of darkness was changed into light. God changed the season of Peter.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: your season is changing. The help of God is coming your way greatly, and every season of darkness you have been in, is changed to light. Every season of pain is replaced with joy. Every season of rejection is changed to acceptance. Every season of dryness is changed into fruitfulness. Every season of obscurity is changed into undeniable relevance. Every season of failure is exchanged with success. Your season has changed for the better.

Peter was yet to leave the prison when the great light shined in the prison. He was yet to change location, but his season had changed. The man who left the prison was a man whose season had changed whilst still in prison. Even if it seems you are still in ‘prison’, El Roi is set to change your prison as He is also poised to change your location. El Roi is set to turn your environment in your favour. El Roi is turning your darkness to light.

Notice that if the prison remained dark, Peter wouldn’t know how to leave even if the doors were opened for him and his chains taken away. So God changed his season in prison to enable him to make progress away from his current level. Hear me as I hear the Lord: God is changing your season so that you can make movements and make progress. God is changing your season to enable you to rise to your new levels.

You are out of that old season of pain and darkness. Your light has come. Your new season is here.

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