Why we Need to Bring New Converts in Church(3)- Pastor David Jnr


Covenant Hour Of Prayer – 20th of April 2022

Pastor David Jnr, taking territory for Christ
Until our labor results not only in the harvest of souls but in their preservation, it cannot be marked correct by God.
The Church is a spiritual home, the harvest field can he likened to the hospital, the child is born in hospital but the child does not grow there, the child is taken home, taught and nourished until he becomes the ambassador of that family.
There is a need for the sheep to be kept at home, that is God’s expectation, it is the duty of every believer. The church is ordained as a convering for every believer.
The soul is brought in the house of God as a covering, so the devil cannot assault them, the enemy is always looking for means to afflict the new converts, but when they come into Zion, they are protected and preserved by God’s fire.
When new converts get planted in God’s house, the Glory within them begin to find practical expression.

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