Commanding the Supernatural ( Wednesday Service)- Bishop David Oyedepo

Wednesday Service- Living faith church (20th April 2022)

Bishop Oyedepo- Resurrection Service

You receive healing according to your faith, healing is not according to anointing, it is important to settle down and find out your side to every Revelation. Now, you are a giver but you talk down to our rewards.

There is no shortcut, you can’t taste genuine prosperity without being a giver, it is not profession, it is the covenant. Whatever you do , you shall prosper when you engage with the covenant of prosperity.

Signs and wonders is at the mercy of applied revelation, they went and confirmed the word they believed and applied with signs and wonders.

There is nothing mystical about signs and wonders, it is just applying the word with faith.

There is no lack anywhere here in this church, if anyone we are owing, let him bring the paper, we are owing any bank a fine, whether living or dead.

The day I will lie on God’s behalf, I will go to heaven a day before.

Two factors we apply in the command of the Supernatural

1. The name of Jesus- There is authority in the name of Jesus, God gave Jesus the name, it is a gift of God, every gift of God is without repentance. That gift is eternally potent.

The gift bestowed on christ is still as potent today as the day he bestowed it. Hagin said, he gave us the power of attorney to use his name. We use the name to clear off obstacles on our part.

In prophecies,he said , his name shall be called wonderful, the name is full of wonders.

2. On the go for Jesus- There is power for being on the go for Jesus, authority follows you When you are on the go for Jesus.

You cant see the power in the real realm without being on the go for Jesus.

3. The power of testimonies- Listen to testimonies of those that are of interest to you, find out what they did, testimony is prophetic. Every act of God in the life of his people is a prophetic pointer to your heritage in Christ.

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