Spirit Life Conference 2018 Ends With Participants In High Spirits

Spirit Life Conference 2018 hosted by House on the Rock Church Lekki was just awesome,  the spiritual impact  of the conference is one that will long live in the hearts of the Participants .

From the Powerful Praise and worship by Sammy Okposu, Spirit filled ministrations from Dunnie Mc clurkin and Vicki yohe and much more,  it was lit.

The word impact was sublime with a deep expository on the theme,  Great Grace with each speaker taking a unique dimension of the awesome subject (Great grace)  . It was obvious that no one can know all about the revelation of a subject in the word of God as the eyes of all were opened to new dimensions of the grace of God.

Dr Creflo Dollar was the keynote speaker, these were some of his words on self righteousness.

*Self-righteousness is when you strive to get right with God on your own abilities instead of believing in His finished Work, this throws the whole concept of grace out thus limits the move of God in your life. You’ve got to take the limit off!
How do you know you are self-righteous? Characteristics of self righteous people are listed below:
1. Judging the sins of others while overlooking your own sins.
2. Justifies himself by comparing himself with others.
3. Self righteous people are not patient with those who struggle with sin; with people who lost their way.
4. Self righteous people believe they are right and know best.
The greatest position of a leader is in learning. A place of submitting and humbling to God.
5. Self righteous people don’t respond well when you remind them they need change.


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