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When the Amalekites invaded Ziklag, they took the women captives. These women were wives, but they were soon to be described as captives. These women were once free and could move freely, and when the enemies struck, they became captives. They were no longer free to move around. They moved from freedom to bondage. Their destinies were reduced from freeborn to slaves. They suffered destiny reduction.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: your destiny will not be reduced. You will not move from freedom to bondage. You will not move from freeborn to slavery. You will not move from being the chosen one to being the rejected one. You will not move from relevance to irrelevance. You will not move from the front to the back. You will not move from good health to poor health. You will not move backwards in destiny.

In one moment, they were called women; in the next moment, they were called captives. Their transition from freedom to bondage was swift. Their reduction in destiny was completed speedily. Hear me as I hear the Lord: you will not speedily move from the positive to the negative. You will not speedily move from where the Lord placed you to where the devil would have you stay. You will not speedily transit to lower levels. You will not suffer emergency downfall and emergency destiny reduction.

Wherever the enemy has put you in bondage, I decree, let that bondage be broken. Every chain that is keeping you where God did not destine you to be, I command it to be broken. Every arrangement of the enemy to keep you in levels lower than what God ordained for you, let that arrangement be broken. If there be powers that have arisen to orchestrate captivity in your destiny, I decree, you are not their candidate.

The messengers of destiny reduction have been put to flight. No longer shall it be said that you operated under the bondage of the enemy.

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