Repentant Cultists surrender weapons as they give their hearts to Jesus

Some members of the notorious cult group terrorizing the marine base area of Port Harcourt, rivers state, Nigeria ; surrendered about 36 different weapons and charms yesterday in an evangelism service conducted by Pst. David Ibiyeomie,

repentant members of the notorious occultic group openly confessed Jesus as the Lord of their lives and promised to bring other weapons in their arsenal together with their remaining friends and group members in the days ahead,

The weapons surrendered are : 28 machetes, 2 axes, 1 dagger, 5 live ammunitions, 1 cartridge and charms, the weapons were handed over to the security agency.



Pastor Ibiyeomie however immediately enrolled them into Bible School with a promise to train all of them in skill acquisition programs upon their graduation.

News Source : Salvation Ministries

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