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In our Focal Scripture, when Hagar came in contact with the Angel of the Lord, the Lord proclaimed that He will multiply her seed exceedingly. Hagar’s seed as mentioned by the Angel of the Lord, were her unborn generation. Her seed were the results that should come forth through her loins. Her seed were her future results. So the Angel of the Lord proclaimed that the results of Hagar would be multiplied. The blessing of multiplication was proclaimed on the future results of Hagar.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: in 2024, the oil of multiplication rests on you. Therefore, your results will be multiplied. Your opportunities will be multiplied. Your good news will be multiplied. Your rising will be multiplied. Your helpers will be multiplied. Every result that God brings your way will be multiplied. Every milestone you attain this year will be multiplied. Every of your results will be divinely multiplied.

Hagar was yet to have even one seed (child) when the proclamation of multiplication was made. She was still empty handed, but the Lord proclaimed that when her results finally arrive, they would be multiplied. Hear me as I hear the Lord: you may appear empty handed at the moment, but when your results finally show up, they will still be multiplied. When your results show up, they will make you forget the days when you had nothing.

In 2024, the blessing of increase and multiplication is upon you. Whatsoever you touch will multiply. The works of your hands will multiply. Your results will never be reduced. Your results will never be on a decline. You will not move from more to less. You will not go down. Whatever the Lord brings your way will make way for more to emerge. Whatever you have celebrated or will celebrate, is a sign of more to come.

Welcome to your year of divine multiplication. This year, El Roi will cause your results to multiply beyond your imagination.

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