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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how a young man was about to be buried. that young man was the only son of his mother. So his mother was still alive, but death came knocking at his door. His mother was alive, but death came and swallowed him. That woman was going to be alive to bury her own son. Ordinarily, one would expect that children should be the ones to bury their parents, but this woman was going to bury her son.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: you will not bury your own children. Your children will not die. You will not cast your young. You will not mourn and cry bitter tears on account of your younger generation. You will not be counted amongst them that faced the misfortune of burying their young. You will not lose your young loved ones. Your family will not lose their young. You will not bury your youth. You will not bury.

That young man died at a time when his mother was still alive. On the face of it, he died too young. He died untimely. Hear me as I hear the Lord: untimely death will not be the portion of your children. Untimely death will not be your portion or the portion of those connected to you. Untimely death will not swallow you and yours. Untimely death will not be heard of in your family. Untimely death has lost its access to you and yours.

If there be any written ordinance of untimely death in your family, today, I reverse it by fire. Any satanic altar that says you will die untimely, let the fire of God consume it now. Any battle that has arisen to consume the lives of your younger generation, I decree, it will not prevail. I decree, where there was once untimely death, the Lord replaces it with long life. Where the young was once buried, there shall be no burial of youth.

The Lord will satisfy you with long life, and He will show you His salvation. The gates of untimely death are shut in your life.

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