Indie Action Movie Honors Heroic Titusville Concealed Carrier with Gun Raffle





The producers of a faith-based action movie The Reliant are raffling away three firearms in honor of the concealed carrying hero who prevented a mass shooting at a back-to-school rally on August 4. The rally was called the “Peace in the City” Rally in Titusville, Florida.

“This is the kind of news story ignored by the press. We want to honor this Titusville hero,” said Dr. Johnston, author, physician, writer and producer of The Reliant, starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, The Benham Brothers, and Eric Roberts.

When a man began firing into a crowd of children at the rally, the concealed carrier unholstered quickly and, thankfully, had better aim. The criminal was the only one injured.

“This concealed carrier saved the lives of dozens of schoolchildren,” said Johnston. “Heroes like this are largely responsible for ‘Peace in the City’ of Titusville right now.”

When asked about the recent shooting at Jacksonville, Dr. Johnston mentioned a 2013 CDC study reporting “500,000 to more than 3 million” defensive uses of guns in the United States every year, compared to 300,000 annual violent crimes involving firearms. “Guns prevent rapes, murders, and assaults every day. The Jacksonville Landing, where the shooting at the gamer competition occurred, boasts in their Rules of Conduct on their website that they forbid law-abiding gun owners from concealed carrying on the premises,” Johnston says. “How many concealed carriers left their guns at home that day, or locked in their cars?”

He mentioned a landmark study by Yale Professor John Lott looking at gun control laws and their effects on crime. Lott concluded that gun control laws increase crime, and laws which allow law-abiding citizens to concealed carry decrease crime. “In the Landing’s idiotic banning of concealed carrying on their property, they did not protect anyone. Rather, in forbidding the law-abiding from keeping and bearing arms, they made them sitting ducks for the madman.”

The Reliant is raffling away a Wilkinson Arms Linda 9 mm semi-automatic carbine, a T/C Compass hunting rifle in 5.56 caliber, and a T/C Venture Predator camo hunting rifle in .308 caliber. The U.S. Concealed Carry Association CEO, Tim Schmidt, is one of the executive producers of The Reliant. According to their, the Reliant should release to theaters within the year.

Source: Christian News Wire

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