Church leads Prayer Walk Movement In The Aftermath Of School Shooting

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National Day of Prayer President Ronnie Floyd has started prayer walking around his local schools. In this Q&A, Floyd shares his heart behind this spiritual warfare initiative.

What made you start prayer walking at local schools?

One of our callings as a church is to pray for our local community. We’ve been doing this for years. We want broken families to be restored, relationships to be healed and walls of hostility and division to be torn down. More than anything, we want or community to know Jesus. The start of a new school year is another opportunity for us to engage our community in prayer. We all remember vividly the recent tragic school shootings our nation has been through. Many students—and their parents—are heading to school wondering if they’ll be safe in their classrooms. As a church, we want to cover our local schools from the very beginning of the year with prayers of protection for our students, our teachers and our emergency responders.

Why prayer?

I’ve said this before: prayer is not inaction; it is our greatest action. As Christians, we must recognize prayer as an integral part of our faith. We cannot wait until tragedy to strike for us to then decide to pray. We are living in a time when our schools, churches and public places of gathering are increasingly becoming the targets of people who wish to do us evil. This is not the time for passivity! Moreover, Scripture tells us that our struggle is not against physical enemies but against spiritual forces of evil (Eph. 6:12). This is key. When we pray, we are not simply asking God to protects us from violent attacks—we are actually battling the evil forces behind these attacks. Prayer is our greatest weapon against evil.

What are you praying for?

First and foremost, we are praying for the security of our students. We are asking God to protect them from harm and evil. We also pray for the teachers, principals and school administrators that they may have wisdom and be able to set the right security protocols to prevent as much as possible tragedy from occurring. And we pray for our local law enforcement and first responders, that they may be alert against potential threats and that God may place them at the right place and time to stop them.

Who is praying?

This is a church-led initiative, with parents and students leading charge, but other church members are also involved. Everyone is praying for his or her specific school. So, we are covering the school district in prayer.

Source : Charisma News

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