[NEWS] Frank Edwards: Sinach Unlocked The Greatness In Me

@therealSINACH is a not a house hold name , she is a world class name the results are right before you! But the question is how did she get above the sky ????

Here goes my SINACH experience ?? I met SINACH 14years ago when I joined the ministry As a young piano player , she became a big sister & a friend ‘because’ we were always together making music as she writes one new song everyday. I kid you not ?? so automatically I found myself rehearsing everyday ?. Working with her was not easy because she was musically ahead of me and I was finding it difficult to catch up ?, sometimes in the middle of a rehearsal she would say “Frank I want the strings to go high at this point” then I will tell her that doesn’t sound nice just because I couldn’t do it ??? ………but she will insist, then I had no choice but to learn it and do it , then I’ll be like it sounds beautiful ?–

There is no studio in this Lagos that @therealsinach and I didn’t visit just to make music , so from following her to studios, I began to learn music production just by watching all the engineers we worked with. ?? After every session, she sleeps inside the vocal boot and me under the mixing console ???? then the next morning her car will refuse to start ??? . Well well ? here is the good news , after I had gathered some production skills from all the various studios we visited, she decided to set up a mini studio in her house & I resumed work there as well ?.
I just wanted to make music , I just wanted to serve ?? So to cut the long story short, today you know FRANK EDWARDS the producer , the engineer , the singer etc !!

It’s because of this woman ?? she pushed me sooo hard & I humbly followed !! @therealsinach before the whole world I wanna say I love you❤️ thank you for unlocking the greatness in me !!!……………Don’t look for where to show off , look for where to serve !! It will amaze you how much you don’t know !!

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