Denominational Battle In The Nigerian Church , The Way Forward

Written by David Oshin

Its no more news that the Nigerian Church has been under severe criticism for sometime  now, the things we hear are not actually new but are increasingly disturbing and any true and genuine believer should be disturbed. The denominational battle between churches is nauseating, it shouldn’t even be heard among unbelievers, that is one reason it is easy for them to insult our fathers, but why Denominational issues ?

Have we lost the sense that we are one body in Christ, how come some believers rejoice at the fall of a minister ? Do soldiers rejoice when one of their men is injured on the war front ? Or have we forgotten we are soldiers of Christ ? These and many more are questions we should sincerely ask ourselves. While it is not wrong for Churches to have rules, regulations and even a constitution that guides them, and for churches to have a definite pattern of worship, it is wrong to assume every church not following your pattern is wrong and of the Devil.

Every Church movement which is truly of God is established on the revelation given to the visioner  and its understandable they need to constantly walk in the light of the revelation but to see another church movement not walking in the light of your revelation as wrong is indeed wrong.

Its so funny that the leader of ministry openly condemns another ministry called of God , to them they are right every other ministry is wrong, that is a wrong attitude. The body of Christ has a serious attitude problem, they read meaning to every success of other ministers, I believe anything any minister receives is from God and God deserves the Glory so there is no point condemning it, the church will only come into true unity when we come into the maturity of Love, when we look beyond our ideals and revelations , we will come into unity when we give people the benefit of doubt. They may not know as much as you but respect what they know, that’s the only way that can even listen to what you know, the bottom point is for the church to be edified, its time we looked beyond our churches and focus more on building the body of Christ.


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