Chinese Government Passionately Destroys Crosses In Henan Churches


Henan authorities continue tearing down crosses in Zhengzhou, Nanyang, and Yuzhou. Christians of Chinese Gospel Fellowship Tongxin Church located in Anpeng, Nanyang sang hymns to encourage each other in their empty church after the cross was demolished.

It is unprecedented that Henan officials massively destroy crosses. Eight house churches were shut down in the Jinshui District of Zhengzhou alone. Local Christians said that it was hard to estimate how many churches were closed.

According to a Christian from Zhongmo County, local government informed each church about taking down the cross, but nobody responded to it. Some churches were afraid the government would demolish the cross, so they intended to cover it with black veil to conceal it.

A large crowd of Christians gathered while the police pulled down the cross in Chinese Gospel Fellowship Tongxin Church in Anpeng. Afterwards, dozens of believers sang hymns aloud in the empty church.

According to another Christian, an official from Maquan Village, Zhangwuma Country, Yiyang County fell down and died after taking down the cross.

Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness in the US made a public statement on August 28 vehemently condemning the Henan authorities’ actions. They said it was outrageous for them to sabotage churches and demolish crosses. The statement says that persecution against religions, particularly Christianity has been escalating in China since the government issued new regulations in February.

The statement points to the extreme oppression in Henan which has a large Christian population. Henan authorities have taken measures to restrict pastors and ministers and forced churches to display the national flag and the president’s portrait. All of these actions are in violation of the Chinese Christians’ freedom of religion.

Liu Yi, Pastor of Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness, said that Henan authorities sent orders not to display crosses in and outside of a church. Moreover, they will merge churches to make sure there are only one or two in each county; pastors and ministers will be required to take exams proctored by three government officials and one three-self church leader. Questions in the exam include regulations on religious affairs, government practices to secure freedom of religion, core socialist values, and Christianity sinicization. Examinees will draw a question randomly and finish it within ten minutes.

ChinaAid exposes abuses, such as those suffered by the Henan Christians, in order to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians and promote religious freedom, human rights, and rule of law.

Source: China aid media

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