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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how David requested for the ephod from Abiathar. Abiathar was a priest. An ephod was part of the cloak of priests in bible times; and you had to be a priest to do the job of a priest. Notice that it was David who demanded for the ephod, and he went ahead to enquire of the Lord. David did what was meant for priests to do. David was meant to be a warrior, but he rose to the occasion of priestly duties.

Friend, you belong in a generation that requires you to be more than you are comfortable to be. You belong in a generation that demands that you be more, rather than less. You belong to a generation that wants you to have capacities that your position may ordinarily not require. You belong to a generation that wants you to offer more than what is required of you. You belong to a generation that will not be satisfied with just enough.

David was just a warrior. He was a fighter. He didn’t have to function like a priest. There was even a priest by the name of Abiathar, but David rose to the occasion and combined the role of priest and warrior. You may have tried to be one thing at a time, but it is high time you dared to be more than one thing at a time. Multiply your competences. Grow your capacity to do more. Be intentional to gain more abilities.

Notice that when David entered the priestly role, he got answers that helped him as a warrior. He multiplied his competencies, and he got more effective than he would have been as just a warrior. As you grow your capacity to do more and be more, you will become more effective and more excellent in the things you used to do before now. As you grow your capacity to do more, you will be distinguished ahead of others around you.

Don’t be counted amongst those who are unwilling to do more or be more. Grow your capacity. Grow multiple competencies. Dare to be more.

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