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Whilst Jesus was passing by, out of Jericho, blind Bartimaeus sat by the highway side begging. Bartimaeus was simply seeking for alms from those who could give to him. His expectation as he came forth, was to gain alms from whomsoever he could get alms from. When he heard that Jesus was passing by, Bartimaeus asked that he might receive his sight. Bartimaeus raised his expectations from mere alms to complete healing.

Friend, in 2024, raise your expectations. Let your expectations from Jesus be higher. Stop asking for little things and ask for the big one. Ask Jesus what He is able to make happen by His own power. Ask for the very best that God Himself can make happen. Stop asking according to the limited abilities of men and ask based on the unlimited abilities of God. Place a demand on the supernatural power of God that is able to do all things.

It may have been enough to receive alms from the men who passed by, but the moment blind Bartimaeus was called by Jesus, he went for the best that man could not do for him. As you seek results from Jesus, dare to ask for what man cannot give to you. Dare to ask for results that will shock your generation. Ask for the mighty hands of God to birth mega results that will make news for the right reasons. Ask for higher results.

When Jesus is involved, you can get more than mere alms. When Jesus is involved, you can get more than what mere mortals can offer. When Jesus is involved, the supernatural is available to turn things around significantly in your favour. When Jesus is involved, raise your expectations and ask for more. When Jesus is involved, ask for the impossible. When Jesus is involved, push for that which man cannot do for you.

Bartimaeus raised his expectations, and Jesus was on hand to fulfill his expectations. As you raise your expectations, the same Jesus who made the impossible to happen to Bartimaeus will give you more than you asked for.

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