By Pastor Dami Oluwatoyinbo.

1. He doesn’t take ownership of your relationship. If he’s often shy about calling your relationship what it is- a committed relationship, that’s a red flag. If he uses all the sweet names in the world, “baby”, ” sugar”, “cinnamon”, ” AppleSeed”, “Agbalumo” but he doesn’t define your relationship especially after several months of being in the same space, that’s a red flag.
2. He doesn’t take responsibility for his own life. If he has a lackadaisical attitude and an overly relaxed approach to life, often coming across as an armchair observer than a roadrunner, that’s a strong sign.
3. If he depends on you for financial and material support most times for major chunks of time in the course of your relationship. Most people run into a financial hurdle, especially in business but if this pattern is increasingly repetitive, it’s time to ask questions.
4. If there’s no man he speaks highly of, admires sincerely and or regards as a mentor, model or voice of wisdom he learns from and submits to.
5. If he can’t explain what he does for a living in a simple, clear and convincing manner, you might want to pause, ponder and reconsider.
6. If he has no ambition, aspiration, drive or inspiring vision that fires him up and moves him to plan, strategize, learn and grow, that’s a bad sign.
7. If he has great ambition and huge dreams but a lousy work ethic or displays a perennial lack of focus- doing different things and quitting after short spans of time without good results, he might be irresponsible.
8. If he treats other people poorly, behaves rudely, is arrogant or violent, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.
9. If he doesn’t value close-knit relationships, appreciate feedback and or suggestions at all, that may be more than ego issue. Ask questions and be wise.
10. If he doesn’t regard God, express any need for faith, you might not want to take the risk of a long term relationship, let alone a lifelong commitment.

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