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Breaking limits through the virtue of love – Pastor David Ndubueze – AYAC 2023

Title: Breaking limits through the virtue of love
Ministering: Pastor David Ndubueze
AYAC Day 2 Word 2

In introduction, we must take note that the love of God is at work in us to operate in realms more than conquerors. Rom.8:28
            That goes further to say that love is a force that makes things work; it is a force that, when taken in, works certain things in us. Every force generates motion, and motion is the function of the force engaged. For instance, substances or materials have forces. When you take Lucozade Boost, it works for you and brings you to a realm of energy. Am I correct? You take coffee; it works for you; it carries a force and brings you to the realm of alertness, especially when you are in for exams. You take liquid; it works in you and brings you to the realm of seeing double.

You take in the love of God; God works in you and brings you to a realm called more than a conqueror, where everything works for your good, including the devil. For someone hearing me, wherever you are today, that shall be your new realm. I said that would be your new realm. But we must take note of this: when it comes to forces or effects, when it comes to substances or medication, you can call it treatment, ration, and dosage. Dosage is of essence. There are people here; one wrap of EBA makes you fine. There are people here; two wraps make you good. There are still some people here, and three wraps you have not started. It is a dosage that matters; listen to this: it is the same with the virtue of the force of love. Love has a dosage that makes it work. I served in a country where their liquor percentage makes Nigerian alcohol look like mineral water. Somebody said ratio, dosage.

The substances can be good, but the dosage can affect the result. I remember when my wife was pregnant with our first daughter and, excited as a father to be, I took her to the general hospital in Abuja expecting, I am imagining when the baby will come out. One hour, two hours, three hours, four hours I waited and waited and waited there was a free bed in the hospital while I was waiting for her, I lay down and slept I became another patient while waiting I saw so many come after me and their wives first of all the baby comes out the man carries the baby then the woman the wheel her out the ones that are strong enough to come out then I waited and waited when I could not wait any longer I slept off my mom of blessed memory was there in the hospital what did they say your wife is not dilating your wife is not contracting your wife is not pushing long story cut short there was a sort of intervention they wanted to bring a force because without that force the baby cannot come forth and they brought in oxygen when they gave it to her It was now expected that they have intervened the miracle will happen but no show. Whatever is stopping your show is brought down today.

And finally, they said, Oga, the situation is getting critical; you need to see your wife to make a decision because I’ve been talking about surgery. I said no, no, no, she will deliver like the Hebrew women. When they wheeled her out and I saw my wife, my heart fell. I didn’t know that labor pain can cause breakage of the lips like Amazon. The woman was completely dehydrated, looking pale, and I was readying to sign the document. Let’s get in for surgery and get the baby out in a safe situation, while they were preparing to take the blood sample as they were preparing to will her for the surgery. A doctor who was not on duty wandered into the hospital. How are you guys doing? Fine, how are the patients all in good shape? Just for one that is having some issues, we’re settling right now and opening her up. Okay, let me see, we never knew that he was the chief consultant. All these people were using my wife for experiments; they have injected her; they have cut this woman; they have butchered this woman; they are remaining to kill her, and this man went there and touched her womb, who told you she is not contracting. You can pick up contractions by touching. and he said, What did you do? We have given her oxytocin. Let me check the file of the woman. It was underdosed, so they were giving the wrong dosage expecting the right result. The man topped it up and gave it to her. She pushed, and she tried. If you can do this a few more times, I will give your baby the right dosage.
Prayer: I have good news for you. Your love’s temperature shall hit the right temperature today. Say that men like a rising giant.
What is the right dosage for God?
We must love God with all our hearts. Shout all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength one more time. All my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength
Matt 22 36 40

When it is not working, check that the dosage is tampered with. If someone is loving with their spirit and not with their mind, you see their love work with god. It is absent-minded. When you are with someone you love, you are emotionally attached. When it comes to God, it is with all of you or none of you. You must show that you love God in all departments of your love: spirit, soul, mind, thoughts, body, strength, and emotions. It must show that you love god as you are worshiping. It must show as you are worshiping. It must show as you are giving it. If it is not showing, it is the wrong dosage.
That means that the right dosage of love is likened to the cleaving of two people in marriage your love for god must be like the cleaving of a man and woman in marriage which is simply interpreted lose all o gain all you must come to god reserving nothing withholding nothing that must be your walk with god in order to gain everything think about the marriage if a woman is hoping and all of you know let me not even start with that there are marriage that change lives there are families that you enter in marriage that your life change forever there are families you enter into and you are made you are nobody yout name is Esther mistakenly your name is Esther automatically your status change position change imagine you don’t know how to dress before you don’t know how to walk before everything changes
Prayer I want to believe God that from this mountain, that is the kind of family you will enter.

But what we are talking about right now is our marriage with the almighty god. Love is like cleaving to god, as in when a woman enters into such a marriage, she loses everything, including her father’s name, to gain everything. When a man enters into such a marriage, he loses everything, leaving the father and mother to lose everything to cling to the wife. That is when that glorious activation happens, if that can happen with mere men. Imagine marriage with God. When you make a decision to love God with your whole heart, you strike a merit accord with him, and shame is replaced with glory.
Isa 54 4 5
If his excellence marries you, you automatically become what the crowd answers: a marriage that can be documented by anyone anywhere by making a deed to love God with you.
Lift up your right hand. I choose to love the Lord one more time. I choose to love the Lord.

But what is in this love for us?


 When we are truly in love with God, we are entitled to his ever-abiding presence. Habba’s ever abiding presence I choose to define it this way: God in us, God with us, God for us. When you have a consensual marital relationship with God, you automatically enjoy his ever abiding presence. He is always with you.
col 1 27
Prayer, I have good news for you. No matter how you came here, hope is not lost for your shame. You are returning with double glory, which means God in us and also God for us.
What happens when God is for us?
Rom 8:31
Prayer: whatever and whoever has been against us hitherto, by this consummation they shall be consumed.
It also means God is with us and his
Isa 7-14
Prayer I decree that in your exams, God will be with you. Now I decree that even in trouble, God will be with you.
He said that even if you are in trouble, I will be with you, deliver you from the trouble, and give you double honor.
Prayer I speak boldly by the action backing this commission; trouble shall not roil you any more.

Things that tremble others begin to tremble at our instance because love mingles us with God. Whatever trembles before him trembles before us now.
Psalm 114:1–7
Whatever you are looking for, it is here. Real went out, but everything saw god. When you are in love, you are in god. He is with you, he is for you, and he is in you. So whatever trembles before him trembles before you, so that means that no enemy shall be able to engage us any more.
Prayer upon this mountain, and the battle shall be over.
No enemy will be able to engage us in battle.
Prayer: Everyone who dares engage us in battle shall become a walkover in our favor.
That means God is bringing you and me into a war-free zone of life. If they insist they must fight, he takes us to a win-full zone of life. There is a war-free zone and a win-full zone. When he came to David, he fought and fought and fought, but he won and won and won. When he came to Solomon, there was no battle to fight.
Prayer: As we engage in this war frequency, war-free and win-ful, never shall any of us be identified as a loser.
Together, I choose to love the Lord.
Deut 11 22 23
Stay with me, I will love the Lord louder and clearer. Jesus experienced it.
Matt 8:29
Luke 4:34
Luke 4:34
We must also understand that as we keep exploring this decision of love, everything in the kingdom works by love’s example.

Virtues that can add value to every believer

1. Revelation. 

  Revelation is delivered by love. What is revelation? The secrets of God, and you know that it is the secret of God that makes stars out of mere men’s jobs.
Job 29 4
Think of it naturally. You will discover that intimacy eliminates secrecy. Anyone you are inmates with automatically has free access once you download any new news. The first person you reach out to is the person you are intimate with. In fact, if you are in a relationship with somebody, whether marital or business, when the person begins to hide things, you know that there is a problem.
When it comes to our work with God, it is the secrets God reveals to us that reveal us to our world; it is what God shows us that shoots us to our world. As a matter of fact, revelation is God’s escalator.
Gal 2
But this revelation is facilitated by love and intimacy, and you will eliminate barriers to knowing God’s secrets. Just like our father is enjoying his time. During lockdown, he knew what
2. Anointing increases by love;

no one empowers his enemy. Empowerment increases by intimacy. If you want more power, get more intimate with God.
Psl 45 6
When you are singing, it is not entertainment. Power is beyond ability. God’s servant began to talk about authority. Power is when you are conferred with authority to function above your natural capacity. When you are riding on the wings of someone higher and bigger than you, you know what David does. David will be singing. Devils will be chickening out. I used to say those ones were not apprentice devils. David is a man of strange identity. One stone Goliath goes down. I think if it is the world of today, he will be a combination of Anthony Joshua and Wilder. What was giving him that leverage, the anointing of God, and why was he anointed? Because he was in love with God.
3. Love is required for our prayers to be answered.

Think of it. Faith is the condition for answers to prayers, but faith works through love.
Mark 11:24
That faith became counterfeit. You know what God is saying. You are praying. I am listening to you. But after your faith is presented, I will deliver your answer. But in the presentation of that faith, know that love is the right signature. Without love, faith… will bounce so upon this mountain if there is nothing else to achieve you and I must begin to renew our love currency we must begin to build up our love we must intentionally work on our love rather than chase all these other things am talking about revelation anointing answers to prayer go into your closet work on your love life you have gotten the currency enter the market of life revelation will answer anointing will answer
When you begin to mark time in life,
Vision can only be accessed by the person with the passcode, and that person is God, and he reveals it on the altar of love.
Habbakuk, Chapter 2 He says I will get up to God to seek vision to hear what he will say and what he will show me, and he says this is the vision. Write it down.
Only he can tell you that this is the vision.
I want to pray on this mountain as our love fire comes alive.
Every form of love deficiency shall be updated.
Kingdom prosperity delivers on love frequency.
Kingdom prosperity is a function of the covenant, sowing and reaping, but you know you can love, you can give without loving, but you can’t truly love without giving, so love propels us to give genuinely and acceptably and then begin to change level with the harvest from our showings from glory to glory.
Somebody is changing the level upon this mountain, in Jesus’ awesome name.
I saw in Jesus awesome name
I remember the first time I changed level financially, it was in a foreign field, when the church i was pastoring needed the landed property, they have been there for Nine years and um there was kata kata everywhere, the place we are renting was under persecution, you must leave here, long story cut short, Government in Junction came, Pack Out from this place, and it became necessary we needed a, we needed a land, and God ministered to me drop your one month seed, by that time I have given the one for January, now you’re expecting me to drop the one for February, and Am not in Nigeria, where you can make a call and they will bring Garri from the village, and now I have a wife and I have a child, but thank God I obeyed, from that moment I began to live above salary
In my university days, I knew what giving Sacrificially to the advancement of the fellowship
They needed musical equipment, and they were busy looking for ways to raise funds. In my account, I had some money that could help out; I carried it. I don’t know what was moving me then, but I think it was love. I went to tell them this is the money; don’t announce in fellowship that I am the one that gave it, as at that time.
Pocket, pocket, zip it. I love you only with your mouth.
If you are in a relationship with somebody who does not give
There is fire on the mountain.
Now that proofs have been done very quickly, let’s wrap up.
Proofs of genuine love for God
Are you ready?
            Love is not a wish, love is not a want, love is a walk, love is not an emotion, love is not delusion, and love is a deliberate action that you can prove. Anyone can prove it.
2 Corinthians 8:8
Prove the sincerity of your love now, among others.
Take note of these four or five
Number one, If you love God, you must love righteousness. You must love righteousness.1 John 5:3
You must love righteousness, for this is the love of God, that you keep his commandments, and his commandments are not grievous to you.
When it comes to giving, you’re keeping the commandment of God, so people should not bother about public opinion. Just as the pastor said in the first teaching, it does not matter what everyone is doing; your judgment should be what God is saying.
I heard one of our fathers in the commission make a statement once that he was about to commence a wedding in a church and they discovered that the bride on the wedding, not that long be for now that you are doing pregnancy test before the wedding I think that is why we do it a day before the wedding then they ran to him people had gathered in the hall and saw she was pregnant they said what should we do he said call of the wedding haaaaaa! It is an embarrassment to the church people already gathered. What will they say? If he said you asked, what would they say if you did not ask? Will he say it is no more affection, it is infatuation?
Whatever it may be, there must be a foundation of righteousness.
3. Love for his word

David was a man acclaimed to be after God’s ears, but watch this
Psl 119 97
Saints of god think of this you never tire hearing the words of the person you love in those days of love letter where our wives and us were still cutting when they fire the letter the letter is filed up when you feel tension you go to the room and you start reading them like chapters of the bible these days it is whatsapp the whatsapp from your loved one you are not tired of reading it when you read it your body will be tickling you if the word of god is no more tickling you you wake up in the morning it is phone first you want to sleep when you want to sleep you want to hear your liver first my question is now are we now loving something else above god there is fire on the mountain (crowd responds)
4. Love your enemies.

If you can’t love someone and not support his interests, the greatest interest of God on earth is the souls of men.
John 21:15
Justify it by going after souls; if you live with him, you will love souls, the young ones, the new converts. If you love him, you will love him. If you want to prove that you love him, these are the things that you will be doing: you will stop gazing at the TV and all this nonsense, and you will follow his kingdom.
5. If you love him, you will give toward the advancement of
1 cor 29 3
            And if you love God, you will love challenged brothers. We have countless examples of men who proved their love for God and became more than conquerors. Abraham is one of them I call him a sacrificial lover we saw this man love god that he left his father house his mother house going to nowhere he so loved god that he gave his son he so loved god that he sacrificed his son circumcised himself sacrificial lover no wonder there are two fathers recognised in heaven father Abraham and father god look at job I call him the unfailing lover so loved the lord that even with his eyes that he will not look at a maiden lustfully how about Daniel concentrated lover when they gave him drink and meat defiled by idol connection he refused to take it while he was in government his colleagues could not find any hurt against him except with his god when he was facing the lion den he was still in love what have you seen that you are checking out too early look at Paul the apostle I call him unrepentant lover in all these things hunger, persecution, and pain
Rom 8:35–39
As powerful as faith is, it can only deliver our level of love for God.
Therefore, as we pay attention to this, the realm of the more than conqueror is only available to those with absolute faith and ever-burning love for God. Stay with me, absolute faith and ever-burning love for God.
            Now lift up your right hand and say, I receive it with your right hand above your head in the name of Jesus. I make my decision like David, like Solomon, like Paul, like Job, like Abraham, and I shall love the Lord.
You are blessed!

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