Why i curse !!! Bishop Oyedepo opens up



The President of living faith Church world wide , Bishop Oyedepo has revealed why he curses, he made this revelation known on the second day of the 3-day Spiritual week of Emphasis, ( July 5, 2018) at the living faith church headquarters , canaanland ota. According to the Prophet of God, every body who is against the covenant seed of God ( the children of Abraham) is entitled to a curse, He said God said he will curse anyone that curses Abraham , he further explained  that Jesus spent almost a whole chapter cursing, he cursed the fig tree, then later went on cursing the Pharisees, he asked , is woe a blessing? , and Jesus said woe to pharisees,  woe to Sadducees.

Papa as he is fondly called by his followers explains that a believer should never be religiously daft, he should know what to pray for and what to pray against, for example , you don’t pray for armed robbers, you pray against them.

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