What You Expect At Shiloh Determines What God will Deliver to You

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We heard the testimony of one of us who came to Shiloh some years ago and had been waiting on the Lord for seventeen years for the fruit of the womb. Suddenly she came to the Father and Mothers class and she heard a word from a particular scripture Acts 26:8, that what is incredible for men is ordinary for God.

She went with that scripture and according to her, they were given an instruction to begin to manifest and act your testimony. So she would get up in the morning and get the baby items and ask herself, what would I do if I had a child?

Children must mess up their clothes, so they must be bathed, their clothes washed and spread. She will get up and carry water and begin to bath an imaginary baby that was not there. She would wash clothes that no child had worn and spread them outside.


Living a life of mockery because she had a word that was fueling her expectation. Month 1 nothing happened, month 2 nothing seemed to happen, month 3,4,5,6 nothing happened. The seventh month passed, the eight month passed. At a point she began to wonder “what am I doing?”


She was about to throw the water away and the Holy Ghost told her “no way, continue”. The ninth month, the month that she should have delivered, suddenly she began to feel pain and went to the hospital not knowing that from the time the word came she was incubating a divine seed inside her without anything to show. In the ninth month she delivered the child supernaturally.


When the Word is fueling your expectation it is not empty, it is carrying inside it whatever it describes. I like you not just to get your heart expectant but expectant on the fuel of the word of God. Fuel your expectation with God’s Word. What are you expecting?

Don’t appear empty handed at Shiloh, come with a desire that is based absolutely on the word of God. That is the key to experiencing the visitation that God has in store. There is no miracle that you desire that is not available, there is no testimony you require that God cannot take care of, what is required from you is your expectation from the Word of God.

For someone here, I see you returning from Shiloh with your basket full of testimonies.


Even the altar of prayer will not deliver without expectation (Mark 11:24). Before prayer there must be a clear expectation. It’s not just about appearing at Shiloh. It’s not just about praying at Shiloh. It’s about expecting at Shiloh and the expectation that God will deliver is the expectation that is based on the word of God.



All men and women of exploits in scriptures were men and women of high level expectations. If you read Hebrews 11, there is a catalogue of men and women who had their manifestation traceable to their expectation.

Hebrews 11:33-34

All those exploits were traceable to one force – ” by faith” and we said wherever you see faith you can change it with expectation. Every man and woman of exploits in scripture was a man or woman of unusual expectation. The truth is that it is not about whether you appear at Shiloh, it’s about whether you are expectant at Shiloh. You agree with me that not everybody who just enters into a delivery room comes out with a baby, you must have been pregnant with a baby first.

What you will bring from Shiloh is determined by what you have carried in your heart into Shiloh. You can not physically deliver if you are not spiritually pregnant. Expectation is a spiritual pregnancy. What you will deliver is determined by what you are pregnant with. That is why we must ensure that in this season of preparations, we are properly inoculated, loaded with expectations that have their footing in God’s word so that at the moment of delivery, there will be something to push out.


Shiloh has been described and declared as “MORE THAN A CONQUEROR”. What that means is that God has ordained that what used to trouble us will tremble at our instance as a result of the encounter that God has positioned you and I for at Shiloh.

Isaiah 62:1-3

We must have that expectation, Shiloh is not just a mountain for “give me, give me”, it’s a mountain for “empower me”. What does that mean? Bringing you to a place of dominion.


Come with an expectation that you are not just going to leave with the testimony that God gave you something but that God made you something. He has empowered you, He has dramatically elevated your level, He has changed your level.


We must go to the word and begin to draw footing for our expectations from. As you do that you will find out that upon the mountain of Shiloh, God will surely visit you. God is set, you and I must get set in order to take delivery for what God has for us.


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