[Wedding Anniversary] Read Leke Adeboye’s Love Note to His Wife

Open love letter to my one and only wife, Mrs Titilope Rachel Adeboye nee Odesola.

Today, I just want to count my blessings and number our days, and thank God for the wisdom and our love.
I am speechless, but you are my weakness and my greatest strength, through many faults and issues, you remain consistent in loving me.

The good times, the amazing experiences, the life changing moments, the joy, over shadows any fault that has been reduced to nothing because we chose, you chose to love.

Thank you for the seeds, thank you for the support, thank you for all the delicious meals, the fun, the renovation, for spending the joint account money wisely, to the point I don’t even have any access or control over it.
Thank you for allowing me trust you, thank you for the inside jokes, lol.

Thank you for being a good daughter in love not an outlaw.
Thank you for praying for us, for covering us, thank you for fighting off those other distractions.

I can’t appreciate you enough, it’s just 9 years but 9/10 is a pass mark anywhere. So now let’s make it 10/10, 100% or nothing.

On that note, Happy Anniversary to my two brothers, the last Wiseman and the only PD; of course to my only sister aka the UN of the house, Pastor Mrs BA. Love you all.

To my wife, even when we get to heaven, we will share the same mansion, so get used to me, I’m in your blood stream, Lol.

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary.
My Swarovski,
Adeboye’s finest
My SS Agent
Chef Mama
Mimi’s CEO
Titilope Rachel Adeboye
Nee Odeosla Mrs Dcn.

You complete me.


Henotace Team

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