Every Thing That Grows the Church Demands Prayers – Bishop Oyedepo Speaks

Declaring Operation Change of Story April 4- May 29 2022
Covenant Hour of Prayer- 8th April 2022
No church grows without the hand of God at work. The bible except the lord build the house, it is vain he that buildeth it, there is no human expertise that can build it, it is the hand of God
Without the drawing hand of God, no one will experience growth, what we do in prayers is provoking the drawing hand of God. Prayer is the live wire of every growing Church.
Church does not grow by chance, Church grows on demand, the bible says as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.
HEB.11:6, without faith it’s impossible to move God, it is not just praying that counts, but the prayer of faith that counts.
Every thing that grows the Church requires Prayer,God won’t manifest himself for nothing, his whistling sound, his irresistible sound won’t come to play without prayers.
Angels won’t work because they are around you, you ask the father to release the Angels to go the harvest field and reap .
We demand for it(Ps68:11), we demand for him to give the word that will establish the converts in the faith, everything that grows the Church and sustains the growth and keeps the growth onnthe increase answers to Prayer.
Multitude gathers around Jesus all the time by the drawing hand of God, great multitude, innumerable multitude all by the drawing hand of God.
By the next sabbath by the drawing hand of God, almost the whole city cane to hear the word (Acts:13:44). No church grows without the hand of God and the hand of God will not be there unless people dedicate themselves in prayer and fasting, breaking the hold the enemy over the people.
Prayer and fasting enhancing spiritual refreshing that makes the church like a watered garden, we saw that in Isaiah 58.
It is not just enough to say God come and grow this church, ask him, what must I do to experience the growth you have ordained for us, if you sincerely ask, you will receive answers.


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