The Dignity of Failing

Many people are failures today because they have refused to fail. This might sound like a contradiction but it is nothing but the truth, we have learnt it all our lives that failing is bad, but it depends on the side of which you are viewing it,  actually failing is good and it is a statistical fact that most successful people today were inspired by things they failed at. Remember I didn’t say the dignity of failure but the dignity of failing. So what’s the difference someone may ask?

The difference between failing and failure is “refusing to start again”. Failing gives you the benefit of a fresh start, we have been trained to despise failing all through our lives but that is not the absolute truth , it is a wrong training, right from when we started schooling, we were made to hate failing, we were flogged and publicly embarrassed for failing, and this built in us a consciousness to succeed by circumventing  the process because there is something to prove to someone, we are not interested in the process, we are more concerned about the end result and that is what has brought us to this state we are as individuals, a nation and even as a church. People do all things to pass an ordinary exam, so they hold certificates that does not reflect their abilities, then they face life thinking they can continue that way.

We need to encourage people to fail but fail forward, most people are never successful because they are afraid of failing, so they never start, they never start the business, they never start the ministry, they never start the relationship, they never start!!! They are scared of failing, so what if i fail, the good news is if you fail, you failed, nothing else , thank God you failed , you have learnt one way that doesn’t work.

Bishop David was asked does he ever make mistakes, he said ” I probably think I have been more wrong than right, but anytime am wrong, I am open to the Lord’s rebuke“, that’s why he is so successful.

If Michael Faraday was a Nigerian, they will say the powers of his father’s house are following him, or follow come for short, in his attempt to discover electricity he failed 999 times, imagine that! but he never gave up, it was the 1000th time that produced what we enjoy today. Failing is good if we learn from it.

#Never be afraid to start

#Failing is the path way to success.

Article written by David. O Oshin

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David Oshin is a Content Creator || Full stack Web Developer||Podcast Host || Digital Marketing Strategist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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