T-Sharp, Chris Shalom, several LMAM artistes lit up Derizo Concert

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It was a historic event in the royal city of Benin, Nigeria, the ‘Derizo Concert’ attended by 22,000 people. The event, organized by Christ Embassy Midwest Zone, in collaboration with the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry, held at the UBTH Grounds and lasted all-night. It was a rendezvous of Heavenly worship and rapturous praise in company of LMAM All-Stars, led by the esteemed Director, Evangelist Kathy Woghiren.

Drone view of the massive crowd present at Derizo Concert.

In her opening address, the esteemed Zonal Pastor of CE Midwest Zone, Pastor Mary Owase, admonished the congregation to release themselves lavishly to the Lord in worship, thanksgiving and praises. “Derizo Concert is about the songs of the Spirit, which bless and edify. It is about songs and melodies from the realms of God that brings to you salvation, healing, deliverance and uplift you to a higher level of faith, even as you are refreshed. Wherever the Spirit of God is present, anything good can happen, so expect the miraculous to happen in your life this night,” Pastor Mary said.

The esteemed Zonal Pastor addressing the congregation in the company of the LMAM Director.

Artiste after artiste, song after song, the expectation and faith of the congregation was stirred, as they journeyed through a transformative experience. Artistes such as T-Sharp, Chris Shalom, Obi Shine, UR Flames, Jerry K, Ayo Vincent, Testimony Jaga, Rozey, Agent Snypa, Sister Wisdom and a selection of anointed and talented artistes from the zone unveiled new dimensions of the Spirit.

Electrifying dance presentation during the Derizo Concert.

In a riveting message, the gospel reggae sensation, Deacon Buchi, summarized his salvation story, chronicling his journey from a life of crime and groping in darkness to the redemption he found in Christ. Little wonder, immediately the altar call was made, the people poured out in their numbers — 1,500 of them — to receive Jesus as Lord. It was a sea of heads around the stage, such a beauty to behold their tears of joy as they began a new journey of life.

LMAM artiste, Testimony Jaga, ministering in music.

Several inspiring testimonies and miracles were recorded. Notable was the testimony of a lady who had suffered from breast cancer and had a lump in her breast, but as the worship continued, she noticed the lump had suddenly disappeared.

Over 1,500 people throng the stage in response to the call of salvation.

Several thousand copies of the DVD ‘Best Songs of 2017’ and the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities were also freely distributed. The night cascaded into higher realms as the duo, UR Flames, took the congregation through several bouts of electrifying praise into dawn.

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