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In our Focal Scripture, the man whom Jesus healed at the pool of Bethesda reminded those who queried him, that the One who healed him had commanded him to take up his bed and walk. He was given an instruction at the time of his miracle, and after he had received his miracle, he remained committed to the instructions from Jesus. He was not about to jettison Jesus’ instructions just because he already got healed.

Friend, I am so sure that the eyes of El Roi will turn in your direction this year; I am so sure that you are moving from prayers to answers; I am confident that He who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it; I am aware that your story will definitely change for good this year; I am aware that your afflictions are coming to an end; but like that man at Bethesda, would you still stick to Jesus’ instructions afterwards?

Will you still remember the word of the Lord after your miracle has happened? Will you still be committed to the words of God after your expectations have been fulfilled? Will you still be consistent in your obedience to Jesus when you have carried your evidence? Will you still be found in the place of obedience at that time when you have nothing to receive from El Roi? What will your attitude to divine instructions be after your miracle?

Notice that the Jews reminded the man at Bethesda, that it was Sabbath, and therefore, he was not required to carry his bed. They gave him a justification to not follow the instructions of Jesus after receiving his miracle. You probably would find people who would excuse or even encourage your disobedience to Jesus after you have received what you desired from him; but dare to remain obedient to the word of the Lord.

If you needed the word of the Lord before you got your miracle, then remain committed and obedient to that word even after you have received your portion from Jesus. Don’t become disobedient because El Roi looked upon you with mercy and made a way for you.

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