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Whilst David’s men wept and even spoke of stoning David, Abiathar stood by and did not join the fray. In the midst of those who were wailing and complaining and even plotting to stone David, Abiathar was standing by, unfazed and seemingly unreactive to the emotional outbursts of David’s men. Abiathar kept a sane mind in the midst of men whose minds were unstable. In the midst of hopeless men, Abiathar stood out.

Friend, dare to stand out. It may be fashionable to tag along with whatever people are doing, but dare to be different. Dare to stand for what is best and not what is popular. Don’t join everyone to give up when they give up. Don’t join everyone to lose faith. Don’t join everyone to doubt the power of God. Don’t join everyone to give up when there is a chance to push forward and fight for the best. Don’t join everyone to hide. Stand out.

Abiathar chose to stand out; he chose to be different, and it became a major signpost to the recovery of David and his men. The presence of a man who chose to stand out, became the turning point for David and his men. When you stand out, you become a turning point for positive change. When you stand out, you rekindle the hope of those who have lost hope. When you stand out, you shine the light for others to see.

Don’t let the noise around you bully you into being like everyone else. Don’t be negative or speak negatively because everyone is doing same. Don’t lose hope because those around you have lost hope. If others are not getting it right, be the one that will get it right. Be the one that will show good examples. Be the one that will shine the light in the darkness. Stand out. Be the difference.

Remember, we never heard the names of those who spoke of stoning David, but we heard the name of the man who stood out through it all. If you act like everyone else, you will be swallowed in the crowd. Dare to stand out, and you will be distinguished.

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