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The lame man in our Focal Scripture was laid daily at the gate of the temple, so that he could ask alms from those who entered into the temple. There was no goal for him to get into the temple and get healed, but he was positioned to beg for alms from those who came by the temple. His real condition was lameness, and the consequence was begging. The root of his challenge was lameness, but he focused on begging for alms.

Friend, don’t be caught in destiny begging for alms when you should be asking for healing. Don’t be found in destiny focusing on symptoms whilst allowing the root of your challenge to remain and persist. Do not be found at destiny gates massaging negativity rather than rooting it out. Do not be found in destiny adjusting to symptoms when you can ask for complete change. Don’t adopt a posture to accommodate negativity.

Notice that when Peter and John eventually ministered healing to that lame man at the gate, there was no more mention of how he was begging. Begging died a natural death the moment his main challenge was sorted. His symptom (of begging) disappeared the very moment the root cause of his challenge was dealt with. If you dare to deal with the root cause of your condition, situations around you will simply adjust and align.

There was a better life waiting for the lame man on the other side of his healing. He could enter the temple, and he did not need men to carry him daily, the moment he got healed. There is a greater life waiting for you if only you can go beyond your symptoms and root out every negativity you are currently battling with. Do well to examine the root of every negativity right away, and do the needful by taking same out from the roots.

If you deal with the real condition from its roots, situations will align. Stop paying attention to symptoms; fix the real condition and the situations will disappear.

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